You’re ready to list your home and move from your current home. While you might think your home is a catch, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  There are some things, however, that make buyers want to come back for a second visit or, even better, make an offer. So before you list your home, consider these top things that keep buyers coming back to your home versus the competition. Be sure to Claim Your Home on Porch to find local pros who can help you get your home ready.

1. Curb Appeal

Having a clean, welcoming entrance is the basis for curb appeal and potential buyers will start the judging process even before they get out of their car. A neat and tidy garden, a few choice plants, and a power-washed driveway will go a long way towards impressing the buyers. Read more about budget-friendly curb appeal tips.

2. A Great Entryway

You want to impress buyers with an amazing entryway the second they walk through the doors. That might mean repainting your front door, adding accents to the foyer and hiding all of the shoes and raincoats. If you don’t have an entrance, this is time to create one.

3. Hardwood Floors

Most buyers want hardwood floors as they never seem to go out of style. While they might drive you crazy, all of the sweeping, polishing and keeping them clean, buyers find them more attractive than carpet. So if you have some hiding under carpet, it is time to rip it up, refinish the floors and make them shine.

4. Impressive Fixtures

Consider the fixtures of your home as jewelry. People like fine jewelry to finish off an outfit. All of your fixtures should be updated and classy, that includes the faucets, lights, cabinet handles and knobs, etc. Make sure everything is coordinated and stick with classic designs for a timeless look.

5. A Gorgeous Bathroom

A spacious, well-designed bathroom goes over well with buyers. When a buyer sees a dated bathroom, they start discounting the price of the home. You might not have the budget to gut your bathroom and renovate, there are ways to update your bathroom and at the very least take care of any unattractive aspects it might have.

6. Nice Countertops

If you have money in the budget, rip up your old, outdated counters and go with a solid material such as granite or quartz. If you can’t afford granite, just stick to any slab variety. Buyers don’t like countertops with grout lines they have to clean or deal with on their counters. Talk to a countertop contractor to compare pricing.

7. Stainless Steel Appliances

Buyers don’t appreciate dated appliances, especially since newer models are more affordable than ever. You don’t have to break the bank to replace your appliances. Check around for deals at your appliance store or ask about floor model sales. Stainless steel is very on-trend and makes the kitchen sleeker, more expensive and conveys a certain professionalism in the kitchen – even if the buyers can’t cook. It is all about the power of suggestion. And be sure to look for energy efficient models.

8. Organized Closets

There is no faster way to turn off a buyer than to have a cluttered, disorganized mess in the closet. It makes your home look like it doesn’t have enough space for storage so it’s important to not only organize but clear out. Some buyers choose to rent a storage unit while selling their home so as to properly stage and sell in a timely manner. The best part of organizing during the selling process is that it will  help you get ready for your move.

9. Bright Lights

Buyers will gravitate towards light and bright rooms so make sure your lighting is bright enough. You may need to borrow a few extra lamps from a friend, or purchase inexpensive spot lights to highlight various parts of your home. If you have budget to hire an electrician, consider adding recessed lights or sconces to the inside of your home so that your buyer sees nothing but space and light. If you do have table or floor lamps, be sure they aren’t too big, or too small, for the space. Experiment with bulbs and choose a type that mimics daylight as much as possible.

10. Clean, Clean, Clean!

Nothing turns off a prospective buyer more than dirt, grime or bad smells. You want people to envision themselves living in your home so pay careful attention to cleanliness. If you can afford a professional housecleaner, ask them for an open-house rate and inquire about having them clean before every open house weekend. If you can’t afford a professional, we’ve compiled some fantastic inexpensive, and non-toxic, cleaning recipes. When your home is clean it will smell fantastic!

Top image credit: Calista Interiors