Dressing up your home doesn’t have to be difficult (or expensive). Sometimes the simplest of decorations can be done under ten minutes and under ten dollars. While you may want to splurge on that vintage metallic lamp you found when you were last out shopping, other decor items can be created from things you have laying around the house or in your craft closet. Not to mention many of these easy DIY projects make for a perfect gift! So dig around in your drawer full of markers, old books and random objects, and get started on these 10 DIY projects (all) under $10!

1. Sharpie Mug

These freehand sharpie mugs are more than adorable and so easy to make! See how to create your own personalized dinnerware, here.

The Sweetest Occasion

The Sweetest Occasion2

Photo courtesy of Alice G. Patterson via The Sweetest Occasion

2. Scrabble Tile Coasters

Have an old scrabble game in your basement? Put those little wooden tiles to use and test your vocabulary by making scrabble tile coasters! Whether you love wine, beer or hot tea, get creative with your coasters by combining words under a similar drink theme. See how these coasters were formed by reading the full tutorial.

Simply Darrling

Photo courtesy of Simply {Darr}ling

3. Fabric Lined Shelves

White shelves can be plain and boring, but that doesn’t mean yours have to be. See how these shelves were lined with decorative fabric to add a little pop of color and pattern.

A Beautiful Mess

Photo courtesy of Elsie Larson via A Beautiful Mess

4. Arrow Jewelry Holder

Storing jewelry can be tough. Most of us find our necklaces in a tangled mess, but this arrow jewelry holder will keep you straight. Wood, screw hooks, and a dab of gold paint completed this jewelry DIY.

Lemonade Makin Mama

Lemonade Makin Mama2

Photo courtesy of Lemonade Makin Mama

5. Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art

Do you throw out your empty toilet paper rolls? Well, stop. Turns out you can repurpose those small cardboard rolls and transform them into pieces of art. Check out how this mirror was built with toilet paper rolls, here.

Made 2 Style

Made 2 Style2

Photo courtesy of Made2Style

6. Gold Painted Mason Jars

Decorating with mason jars is a simple way to enhance a living space. If you’re just as obsessed with gold as we are, then this DIY is right up your alley. Throw some faux flowers in the mix and you have the perfect decor for your side table, desk or mantel!

Oh So Very Pretty

Oh So Very Pretty 2

Photo courtesy of Oh So Very Pretty

7. Washi Tape Wall Decals

For the love of all washi tape, skip the messy job of painting your walls and add washi tape decals instead!

Everything Emily

Everything Emily2

Photo courtesy of Everything Emily

8. Paper Mache Letters

Wall art can be pricey, but these paper mache letters go for only a couple dollars or less in local craft stores. Spray paint your own letters and use them as wall decor. For inspiration, check out this paper mache spray painted ABC DIY.

Crafts Unleashed

Photo courtesy of Crafts Unleashed

9. Faux Map Wallpaper

Don’t feel like buying wallpaper? Pull out those old maps you no longer need and use them to fill your walls. If you’re feeling hasty and don’t want to paste onto your walls, see how this DIY used push pins to hold the maps in place.

The Happy Housie

The Happy Housie 2

Photo courtesy of The Happy Housie

10. Decorated Jewelry Tray

You deserve a pamper place that is just as pretty as you are. Beautify a jewelry or makeup tray with a personalized note or inspirational word like the one below.

DIY Playbook

DIY Playbook2

Photo courtesy of DIY Playbook

Which one of these DIY projects would you take on? Let us know your favorites in the comments below!

Top Image Credit: Oh So Very Pretty