The 10 Blogs Every Old House Lover Should Follow

Do you fantasize about living in (or renovating) a gorgeous vintage home? These blogs will inspire your wildest dreams.

Old house lovers are very different from the average décor enthusiast. Where a “normal” person sees a neglected pile of bricks that’s past its prime, an old house lover sees nothing but potential. Being able to see past decades of grime, paint and terrible trends is akin to having a superpower. Just look around at any suburban neighborhood – for every lovingly updated midcentury ranch, there are dozens of McMansion-esque remodels. It’s a shame.

If you’re the type of person whose heartbeat quickens at the mere mention of “original details,” you’re not alone. The internet offers countless windows in the lives of those who appreciate the design of decades past – you just have to know where to find them. Here is a short list of blogs featuring lucky homeowners who are in the midst of (or have experienced) a remodel of a fabulous old home, or are just simply dedicated to connecting others to the vintage or historic house of their dreams.

1. Retro Renovation

Blogs For Old House Lovers - Retro Renovation

If you’re passionate about mid-century design, Pam Kueber’s addictive blog is your paradise. She’s covered everything from her own vintage home remodel to list after list of incredible retro design resources. Also worth noting: The wealth of “time capsule homes” (which are homes untouched after decades), which will inspire shameful amounts of real estate envy. Which brings me to…

2. Circa

Blogs for Old House Lovers - Circa

Okay, technically Circa is an online magazine. But it’s got a wealth of content for those who appreciate old homes, including a constantly updated list of old houses for sale by state. You will swoon.

3. Old House Dreams

Blogs for Old House Lovers - Old House Dreams

This is another site that will launch a thousand real estate fever dreams. Here, you’ll find another constantly updated list of old houses for sale. Those living on the coasts need a trigger warning: You will discover just how much you’re getting ripped off in terms of real estate prices. You will find a gem for under $100,000 and curse your geographic location.

4. House Love

Blogs for Old House Lovers - House Love

Speaking of real estate and location envy, here’s a blog that chronicles the story of how one lucky couple scored the deal of a lifetime on an unloved brownstone in Baltimore. (How unloved was it? The place was previously occupied by a fraternity. Need we say more?) The couple also fell in love during the process of renovation, a story that will warm your heart.

5. Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

Blogs for Old House Lovers - Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

If you’re looking for a laugh, beeline it to the blog of Victoria Elizabeth Barnes. Not that she should be laughed AT. You will instead laugh WITH her as she experiences the trials and tribulations of, say, overbidding (and still losing) on a pair of giant garden urns at an auction and the other bizarre moments that come with the territory of remodeling a grand Victorian from 1890. Her taste – and witty writing voice – are so on-point.

6. Vivacious Victorian

Blogs for Old House Lovers - Vivacious Victorian

There’s just something about Victorian homes. They photograph beautifully and are filled with incredible details. You’ll see plenty over at Vivacious Victorian, which tells the story of a couple who are hard at work restoring their current home – and have restored a few others. We wish they were our friends.

7. Old Town Home

Blogs for Old House Lovers - Old Town Home

Another couple we’d like to become fast friends with: The duo behind Old Town Home. Though they started remodeling their Victorian row home in 2003, the blog has a wealth of photos, DIYs and décor ideas.

8. Cabin Fervor

Blogs for Old House Lovers - Cabin Fervor

This charming blog centers around the remodel of a 19th-century log home, which was started out as a neglected foreclosure. When you see the “Before” photos, you’ll be even more stunned at how gorgeous the property turned out.

9. The Craftsman Bungalow

Blogs for Old House Lovers - The Craftsman Bungalow

If you’re a fan of the Craftsman style, welcome to heaven. Though it also functions as an online magazine, The Craftsman Bungalow’s blog entries cover gorgeous home restorations, all done with history in mind. You’ll quickly slip down the wormhole of historical info – and never want to leave.

10. Housekaboodle

Blogs for Old House Lovers - Housekaboodle

From celebrity homes to historic properties, you’ll find photo after photo that will go straight to your Pinterest boards. Clear your schedule for the next hour and click away.

Top Image Credit: Vivacious Victorian via Circa

Brie Dyas

Brie Dyas

Contributor, Brie Dyas is a writer, editor and vintage collector based in New Jersey. Her love for all things home started at the very early age of 3, where she would routinely help her mother choose place settings for the dinner table. Dyas was the founding editor of HuffPost Home and Stylelist Home, and also held positions as the managing editor for HuffPost Style and Stylelist. She's also appeared as a shopping and home expert on The TODAY Show, and was named a "Tastemaker" by One Kings Lane in 2014. Join her in occasionally live-tweeting episodes of The Golden Girls @BrieDyas.


Jacqui Adams

Thanks gotwood4sale! I love this post too…and these blogs. Just too much good stuff!

Derek Lotts

I can’t open the thecraftsmanbungalow blog. Take a look at it, the website seems not to be working 🙁

Jacqui Adams

Hi Derek! Thanks for commenting. I checked both links and they seem to be working–maybe their site was down for maintenance. Let me know if you still have trouble!

Derek Lotts

It’s fine now. You are probably right, it was down for maintenance.
Thanks 🙂


I love the oldhousedreams….I look so forward to getting the newsletter several times a week…she is really on the ball…

Jacqui Adams

Sandy, I love this blog too and frequently have to talk myself out of buying ramshackle but beautiful old houses I find on it. If I was a millionaire I would be the Imelda Marcos of old houses.


or your wildest nightmares ha! see for DIY fun and contractor troubles

Bray Wills

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Marc Feber

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Art Prusener

I’ll be going through you site for ideas! I bought an old farmhouse in Wisconsin, moved the family there and started renovations. Two months in, the wife left and now I’m working on it so it’ll pass court inspection to get my sons back home where they belong. the kicker is the DNR is shutting down our private water utility and all 46 of us must drill wells by fall. I started a crowd funding campaign because I can’t swing the new well. If anyone would share the link for me it would be appreciated. Thank! see it on my face book wall also.


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Justin P Smith

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Gail Arlidge

This is quite interesting. As for me, renovating is very fun and exciting. Thank you for sharing this list. Would love to read and get some more ideas from this list.

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