7 Helpful Back To School Organization Ideas

Skip the stress of staying organized this school year with these helpful DIYs!

The new school year is almost here! Worried about your home staying in tip-top shape during busy school days? Make the back to school transition a breeze by keeping your family and your home organized. From a menu board to a daily closet organizer, stay on track with these helpful tips and tricks that you can DIY at home!

1. Lazy Susan Homework Caddy

Be prepared for the many homework hours ahead of you with this DIY homework caddy. If your kids like to do homework at the kitchen table, this lazy susan homework caddy makes every supply easily accessible.

2. Paper Clutter Organization

Keep your mail and school papers from cluttering your countertops with this wall file folder organization. Categorize the files to your personal needs, such as sports, medical, coupons, and emergency numbers.

3. Kids Closet Organizer

Make your mornings a little easier with this kids closet organizer. With a hanging cubby and iron-on letters you can designate daily outfits for the whole week.

4. Family Command Center

Get the whole family organized by creating a command center! A place for backpacks, filing, to-do lists, keys, and much more, a family command center will keep all of your important items in one area.

5. Meal Planning Board

Plan ahead for the week by organizing your meals with a meal planning board. Whether you’re going out to eat or staying in, your kids will love to help pick out what’s for dinner each week, and it will help you know what should be on your shopping list.

6. Homework Station

Give your kids a creative and inspiring space to learn with a personalized homework station! Gather school supplies, art supplies, and colorful decorations for a fun space to work, learn, and create.

7. Library Book Basket

Never worry about another late library book with this DIY library book basket. A bin dedicated to only library books will make sure you keep library books separate from your personal collection.

How do you get your home ready for the school year? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!

Top Image Credit: Eisner Design LLC

Mady Dahlstrom

Mady Dahlstrom

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