10 Cheap and Easy Home Organization Hacks

Keeping your home clean and organized just got a little easier.

Home organization and cleanliness is something we all wish we could achieve, but let’s be real- it’s not easy. Finding yourself with a mess under your sink, a clutter of toiletries and makeup in your bathroom, or a closet full of chaos can put you in a tangled tizzy. Toss out unwanted items and get your things in order to keep your head on straight.

The following are 10 hacks for your home that require minimum effort and money!

1. Wrapping Paper Storage

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to store your wrapping paper and decor. Grab a garment bag, place your paper inside, and hang it in your closet!

The Chic Home

Photo courtesy of The Chic Home

2. Gold & Acrylic Clipboards

If you’re living in a small space with little room to store or decorate, try hanging your to-do lists, calendars, notes and more on your walls with these DIY clipboards.

Design Sponge

Photo courtesy of Fabric Paper Glue via Design Sponge

3. Lost Sock Organizer

How many times have you misplaced a single sock or you’ve been convinced your dryer ate it? This DIY lost sock organizer is a simple and cute way to make sure your sock doesn’t lose it’s mate!

day2day SuperMom

Photo courtesy of day2day SuperMom

4. Color Coding Keys

From your apartment key to your car key, keeping track of which is which can be mind boggling. Color code your keys by painting them with nail polish, glitter, or in any other eye-catching way to keep your keys straight.

A Bubbly Life

Photo courtesy of A Bubbly Life

5. Magnetic Dish

Miscellaneous items like paper clips, bobby pins, and push pins can get lost in a drawer or desk. These magnetic dish DIYs will solve your jumbled mess of objects problem.

A Girl and a Glue Gun

Photo courtesy of A Girl And A Glue Gun

6. Ball Storage

If you don’t have room for a storage bin or closet in your garage, a quick ball storage hack that only requires studs, slats, and bungee cords is a quick fix.

Designed to Dwell

Photo courtesy of Designed to Dwell

7. Magnetic Makeup Board

Instead of stuffing your mascara and blush into your bathroom drawers, organize your makeup on a magnetic board for less mess and more pretty.

Liz Marie Blog

Photo courtesy of Liz Marie Blog

8. Yarn Coffee Can Cubbies

For those of you who hoard a lot of yarn or have a vast collection, this yarn holder DIY repurposes old cans and turns them into wall storage.

Leethal Blog

Photo courtesy of Leethal Blog

9. Under The Sink Spray Bottle Hanger

When you’re running out of room under your kitchen sink for cleaning supplies and spray bottles, install a tension rod to hang your bottles and clear space.


Photo courtesy of PopSugar

10. Hanging Laundry Hamper

Instead of storing a laundry bin in your closet or room, this laundry hamper DIY takes your dirty clothes off the floor and hides them by hanging on the inside of your closet door.

Making Nice In The Midwest

Photo courtesy of Making Nice in the Midwest

Top Image Credit: PopSugar

Mady Dahlstrom

Mady Dahlstrom

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  • Marcy @ day2day SuperMom

    Thanks so much for showcasing my Lost Sock Organizer! Yahoo! =D

    • Taylor

      Of course, Marci 🙂 It’s a cute idea!

  • Ashley

    I dig it! I like the spray bottle rod idea, seems quite easy to implement. Also like the hidden hamper and love the make-up art display. Too bad mirrors aren’t magnetized..

    • Thanks, Ashley! The magnetic makeup board is a great way to keep all of your products in one place (and it’s super easy to make). I have one at home and it’s a life saver 🙂