Fixer Upper By the Numbers
After five seasons of “Fixer Upper,” over 76 breathtaking home and property reveals, and countless mentions of shiplap and subway tiles, Chip and Joanna Gaines haven’t just left their mark on the Waco, Texas, area; they’ve changed the face of interior home design forever. When it comes to design shows, “Fixer Upper” isn’t just popular among the DIY crowd—it’s one of the most-watched cable TV shows across the country. Pulling in millions of viewers every quarter, audiences regularly tune in on Tuesday nights for the Gaines family antics as much as their distinct decor and design. After premiering in 2013, Chip and Joanna announced in 2017 the fifth season of the hit show would be their last. While we prepare to say goodbye to the couple who taught us everything we know about the versatility of barn doors and farm sinks, we’re looking back on five years of “Fixer Upper” one last time—from average finished prices of “Fixer Upper” masterpieces to show trends, regular quirks, and on-screen chemistry that made us fall in love with Chip and Joanna. Read on as we dive into the secrets behind the last five years of “Fixer Upper.”

“Fixer Upper” trends

Fixer Upper trends Whether you’re a series regular, there are a couple of trends you might not have picked up on when it comes to the routine “Fixer Upper” renovations. Setting a budget is usually serious business for most home makeovers, but even Chip and Joanna have to fudge the numbers from time to time. While the median home value in the Gaineses’ usual stomping grounds of Waco, Texas, is $178,000, couples appearing on the show have been known to spend quite a bit more than that on their finished dream homes. With an average price paid for a house pre-renovation at roughly $179,000the average renovation budget over five seasons of “Fixer Upper” was almost $121,000 for an all-in budget of justabout $293,000. In most cases, Chip and Joanna know how to put every penny of that budget to good use. Seventy-six percent of the time they came in as projected across all 76 renovations of “Fixer Upper.” While that included the occasional “surprise” upgrade (or repair disaster) in some episodes, the Gaineses made sure to stretch every dollar for the ultimate wow factor each week. Still, not every budget is perfect. Eleven percent of makeovers cashed in under budget, and 13 exceeded their pre-planned cost for one reason or another. While millions of people love to watch Joanna get into her design groove, it’s worth noting past participants have confessed the all-in budgets projected on the show aren’t always true-to-life examples of what these home improvement costs look like in the real world. Wish list items and TV-worthy designs are often a part of the financial considerations on “Fixer Upper.” One small Texas town One small Texas town Getting to know Chip and Joanna on “Fixer Upper” also means getting familiar with the once little-known region of Waco, Texas. More than just the go-to location for a majority of their renovation projects, the Gaineses own their own farmhouse (circa 1895) on 40 acres of land just outside the area. “Fixer Upper” didn’t just help put Waco on the map for most Americans—it transformed the city’s economy and tourism. Fans of the show can shop at Magnolia Market if they’re in the area (and meet Joanna’s mom, if they’re lucky), enjoy a “shiplap cupcake” at the Silos, or even feast at the newly opened Magnolia Table. And in case you didn’t know just how serious “Fixer Upper” fever is in Waco, Texas, Magnolia Market alone draws in more than 30,000 visitors every week or around 1.6 million people a year—including at least four buses full of tourists traveling from New York to see the Magnolia sights. In five years, Chip and Joanna have transformed a total of 47 Waco residencies. Thirty-seven of those were identified simply as “Waco” without a specific neighborhood. Three homes were located in the Mountainview area, two in Castle Heights, and another six in various neighborhoods including Brook Oaks and North Waco. Waco isn’t the only Texas town the duo has had their hands on. Twenty-nine homes out of 76 were technically outside the Waco area, including 12 in Woodway, four in McGregor, and three in Crawford. As a part of the season 4 finale, “The Colossal Crawford Reno” remains one of the most emotional episodes to date and one of the most inspiring transformations in the show’s history. Acts of love Acts of love Anyone who’s watched Chip and Joanna transform homes and change lives over the five seasons of “Fixer Upper” will tell you their on-air antics are major #relationshipgoals. In fact, the chemistry this power couple project, whether they’re knee-deep in a renovation or just out having breakfast with their kids, has prompted some viewers to ask what their secret is to such a successful marriage. As it turns out, the secret might not be so complicated after all. Over 76 “Fixer Upper” episodes, Chip and Joanna have had more than a few repeat interactions that prove you don’t have to take each other seriously all the time to be happy. Twenty-five times over 76 episodes, Joanna was caught correcting Chip’s speech, but that didn’t stop Chip from asking Joanna how he looked 20 times or breaking through a wall with his body 19 times. There’s no confirming whether taking your clothes off on national TV will help get you on Chip and Joanna’s level, but we’re sure to miss watching their playful fighting, Chip’s occasional juggling, and the three times we got to watch him eat things (including a cockroach) off the ground.

Gaines greatest hits

Gains greatest hits When Chip and Joanna shocked viewers everywhere by announcing they were stepping out from behind the camera and leaving “Fixer Upper” for good at the end of their fifth season, they had one goal in mind: family. With four children (and a fifth due in 2018), the Gaineses’ kids have had an integral role in shaping why America fell so hard for this Waco-renovating family. Watching Chip and Joanna bond with their family has been just as inspiring as the homes they’ve managed to make over and helped create some unforgettable moments over the last five seasons. From the very beginning, fans knew there was something special about the Gaines family. In season 1, episode 4, they watched as Chip and Joanna moved into their very own 1,700-square-foot Waco farmhouse. Seeing glimpses of their home on TV may not be sufficient enough for some who eagerly follow Joanna Gaines on social media for even more inside looks at her design and decor choices, though. In season 3, episode 14, viewers got to watch as Chip and Joanna renovated what would go on to become the Magnolia House, their very own Waco, Texas, bed and breakfast. Over 76 episodes, 26 percent of the show featured Gaines family bonding time. From baking in the kitchen to shopping together for home decor, the kids even showed up to get hands-on with a renovation in nearly 29 percent of episodes.

Your very own fixer-upper

Saying goodbye to Chip and Joanna won’t be easy. Since 2013, fans have watched them renovate over 76 properties and build their own branding empire. While much of the show’s action has taken place in Waco over the last five years, viewers don’t have to look very far to bring their own slice of Magnolia heaven home with them. From their silly on-screen antics to the touching moments they share as a family, “Fixer Upper” has taught us about more than shiplap and farm accents. Booking Chip and Joanna for your next home improvement project might not be a reality for most families, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find professionals you can trust to help you get the job done. At Porch, we’re committed to completing the job or connecting you with someone who can from our dedicated network of pros. Whether you’re looking for handyman help, landscaping needs, or new homeowner tasks, we’ve got a solution for every popular project. Want to know more about how our 24/7 Home Assistant can help you tackle your to-do list today? Visit us at Porch to learn more.


The data for this project were collected manually by researchers who watched every episode and recorded data from the HGTV show “Fixer Upper.” We excluded three episodes from our analysis: season 3 episode 15 titled, “Chip and Jo’s Favorite Houses and Never-Before-Seen Outtakes” and season 5 episode’s 12 and 17, which focused on building a family garden at the Gaines’ home, and renovating what would become Magnolia Table, respectively. Using, we found the addresses for some of the homes and used Zillow data to find the sale price and estimated value. Sources

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