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Port Ludlow Residence

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Project Q&A with the homeowner and pro

What was the homeowner's main goal or motivation for doing this project?

FINNE Architects Inc

FINNE Architects Inc This client took a bit of a risk because it's smaller than what other owners might have built. I generally push for smaller homes because it's easier to build something that is higher quality and more sustainable. We also initially had a more architecturally ambitious design for the house. The original design included a vaulted roof, but it proved to be too expensive for the overall budget.

How long did this project take?

FINNE Architects Inc

FINNE Architects Inc This project went through a lot of iterations. Typical project duration, which includes design, permits, pricing and construction runs 10-12 months—this project took 2.5 years overall. Design and permits took almost a year, and construction itself was around 18 months.

How big is the space?

What was your biggest challenge and/or biggest takeaway working on this project?

FINNE Architects Inc

FINNE Architects Inc We faced economic challenges when we went into construction due to the fact that the economy simultaneously tanked. Anytime you're in a downward economic recession and you are building something, there's a lot of strain on all parties involved. The short-term market value of what we were doing was decreasing, so it was necessary to take a step back and look at the project long-term.

What's your favorite part of the new space?

FINNE Architects Inc

FINNE Architects Inc The main living space—which is about 15 feet high and all glass on two sides—has these two eight-by-eight foot sliding glass panels. Upon opening them up, you really feel like you're on this big, beautiful porch. It feels natural while still being contained inside of a built space.

Any advice for homeowners who are thinking about doing a home project?

FINNE Architects Inc

FINNE Architects Inc Take your time. Do not feel pressured to rush into any decisions, because those you make up front are critical to the end result. Be thoughtful about design and planning, which includes cost and mechanics. Construction is a rough-and-tumble business, and if everyone is going to get through it unscathed, they need to have a nice contingency to fall back on.

What are some of the current trends you're noticing in the home improvement industry?

FINNE Architects Inc

FINNE Architects Inc I think houses these days are completely kitchen-centered, and are by far the most important space in our houses. In terms of lifestyle, people are always in the kitchen. Technology is allowing us to create spaces that have multiple functions, which ties into the idea of utilizing smaller square footage. Nowadays, 60-70% of the houses we design combine family and living room, using technology to hide TVs and provide multifunctional capabilities to the home.