Avon Lake Masterpiece

New Home Construction Avon Lake, OH




Completed for:
$1.2m house in Avon Lake, OH
Home size: 17,817 sq ft

Project description

Entire house new construction of 17000 square foot in single family residence.

Project photos

Project Q&A with the homeowner and pro

What was the homeowner's main goal or motivation for doing this project?

Schill Architecture

Schill Architecture It's the family of a major league baseball player who is a large sports fan of all kinds and really wanted a space where his friends could come and enjoy themselves while watching the game and have a home were the family could have a good time.

What renovations did you do?

Schill Architecture

Schill Architecture We take it from beginning to end; from the beginning going back and forth with the customer to make sure we have the perfect house drawn up, then carry it through overseeing the whole construction process so if anything happens we will be right there to clear it up as quick as possible and make sure there dream becomes a reality as easily as possible.

How long did this project take?

Schill Architecture

Schill Architecture Design: 3-4 months Construction: 30 months

How big is the space?

What was your biggest challenge and/or biggest takeaway working on this project?

Schill Architecture

Schill Architecture The home was built in a Cleveland suburb so some of the materials and items had to go through a shipping process that was further then a lot of other more common products.

What is the style?

Any advice for homeowners who are thinking about doing a home project?

Schill Architecture

Schill Architecture I would advise any homeowner planning a project of this kind to have a very strong relationship with the architect who you are working with you really want them to be your friend at the end of the day, the time and effort you put into the project is so that being able to enjoy your time with them and trust them is very important.