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Lead Credit Policy

Offering Porch Pros a fair and simple lead credit process is very important to us. Below, you’ll find clear details about which leads qualify for credit, and which leads do not. If we accept your credit request, we will add the cost of the lead back onto your Porch balance. If we deny your credit request, we will notify you with the reason. As per our Terms of Use, we do not process refunds to your credit card.

These situations are eligible for credit:

Regardless of the situation, you must reach out to the customer to qualify for a credit, or provide specific evidence from the description of the lead to support your claim.

We will automatically credit you for the following situations:

These situations are NOT eligible for credit:

We’re committed to connecting Porch Pros with potential new customers; however, we are unable to guarantee that Porch leads will turn in to jobs. For this reason, the following situations are not eligible for credit. Note that our lead prices take the following situations into consideration.
  • You didn’t win the job.
  • The lead was too far away for the size of the job.
  • You aren’t licensed to do the work, but the service type was listed on your profile.
  • The customer already found someone to do the job.
  • The customer changed their mind about doing the job.
  • The customer is just shopping for prices.
After a lead is more than 30 days old, credit will not be granted.

Phone Leads

If you’re opted in to phone leads from Porch, you can request credit for invalid phone leads just like you do for other leads. The above policy applies to phone leads, with a few exceptions.

Since phone leads are inbound calls, the following situations with phone leads do not qualify for credit:

  • Lead had bad contact information
  • Customer did not respond
  • Customer canceled the project
Questions? Contact Support

Automating credits for unresponsive homeowner leads is not common practice in the industry. Porch is committed to providing you with excellent service and as many new customers as possible. We recognize that measuring connection on our platform is not always an easy task. We can’t always track what happens during a phone call or a voicemail, so we’ve put some guidelines in place to measure connection as accurately as we can.

*Definition of connection:
  • If we can see that the homeowner messages you.
  • If we can see that the homeowner called you.
  • If we can see that you called the homeowner, and the call lasts longer than 60 seconds.