Independent Living CheckList

All the things you need to do to prepare to age at home

Making your home life easy

Evaluate your home for safety and practical comfort
  • If your house has stairs, install railings and guards to prevent falls
  • Examine doorways, floors, hallways, and counters - think about accessibility from a wheelchair or walker
  • Shower and tubs can be tricky to navigate and can be a potential hazard
Remove the clutter and get organized
  • If clutter is taking over, it might be a good time to re-organize
  • Remove area rugs when they become a tripping hazard
  • Remove belongings that could become potential obstacles or fire hazards
Consider security
  • Lock-in switches on thermostats and stoves, as well as cordless intercoms and direct connections to police, fire, and EMS will give you peace of mind and can alert the necessary people for help when it's really needed
Research your local senior center or community centers
  • Most senior centers offer an assortment of programs and services including meals, health, fitness and volunteer opportunities, and educational and arts programs, as well as group trips and special events
Consider smart home technology
  • Make your home safer and easier to maintain with smart home technology. Smart thermostats, Google Home in case you fall, and smart appliances to alert you when they accidentally get left on
Consider downsizing
  • Perhaps you've decided that you're not using all of your home. Downsizing can be a great way to reduce the amount of upkeep needed for your home so you can just enjoy living life
Increase your mobility
  • Consider dedicated mobility updates for your home to make moving around easier. Ramps, stair lifts, even elevators can be installed in your home by a professional to make sure you can easily get around

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