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Window Replacement
Serves Jacksonville, Illinois
We are a family owned company founded on the core value that our services must be reliable and affordable. We offer a wide range of services and specialize in home repair, cleaning, maintenance and lawn services. We are multi-skilled professionals specializing in everything from basic repair, paint...Read more
We are a family owned company founded on the core value that our services must be reliable and affordable. We offer a wide range of services and specialize in home repair, cleaning, maintenance and lawn services. We are multi-skilled professionals specializing in everything from basic repair, paint...Read more
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Window Replacement
Serves Jacksonville, Illinois
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Window Replacement
Serves Jacksonville, Illinois
Costs to Install Replacement Windows
$431 - $669
Jacksonville, IL average
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Frequently asked questions about window companies

If the existing window frames are sound and square, installing replacement windows makes sense. Replacement windows are designed to slide in horizontally with a minimum of disruption to the existing elements.

There are three types of replacement windows: sash kits, insert replacements, and full- frame units. Sash replacement kits give an old window frame new movable parts.Insert replacement windows are fully assembled windows in a ready - to - install secondary frame.These pocket windows slip into the existing opening and are fastened to the existing side jambs.Full - frame replacement windows are similar to inserts, except they have a complete frame(these are the only option if the existing frame, sills or jamb are rotted). Installing a replacement window involves exacting measurements which can be tough to navigate.The goal is to leave no gaps.So, be sure to follow an expert, online guide for measuring.When you are installing the window, you’ll use shims to make it square, polyurethane foam for insulations, and caulking to seal the window in place.Installing replacement windows can increase energy efficiency in your home which means they can pay for themselves over time.Just do the research to find the best replacement window kit for your needs, and be sure to measure carefully.

Windows provide light, allow for a view, and allow air in and out. Builders use different types of windows for different purposes. To determine what type of windows you have, check out these window types descriptions of the most common window types.

Double-hung windows have two movable sashes, where single-hung windows have just one. Awning windows open out by pivoting from the top of the window sash with a crank. Casement windows also open out. But casement windows open out by pivoting from the side hinges. Slider windows open sideways for clear views and ventilation. Picture windows are useful for providing sweeping views. Bay windows jut out providing interesting angles in a house’s silhouette. Finally, jalousie windows are glass slats set in metal set in metal clips that can be opened and closed in unison.

When it comes to window replacements, the cost will vary depending on a number of factors. There are many types of windows to choose from, each will have a different price. Next, each of three types of window frame have different price tags: vinyl, wood, and fiberglass. The least expensive is vinyl, with fiberglass being the most expensive. Adding custom energy options will raise the price, but the energy efficiency they offer may pay off in the long run. The cost for installation and labor for a window replacement project will depend, again, on varying factors. The size of the project that needs to be tackled, the level of expertise you need in a contractor, and the area of the country in which you live will all figure into the overall expense of labor. It makes sense to add in the cost of a warranty to protect your replacement window investment.

Screen windows can sustain damage over time. Start by removing the existing screen by poking an awl into the old rubber spline (which is the rubber cord that holds the screen into the frame). You’ll need to take a sample of this spline to the home improvement store with you so you can match it. You may want to consider getting a screen replacement kit. They are available in various sizes and can make screen installation go more quickly. Most kits include the four sides of the frame, the spline and the corner pieces that connect the sides. Also, be sure to measure the old screen before purchasing a new screen kit so you are sure to get the correct size. Then follow the instructions closely.

There are lots of different kinds of screens. If you are starting from scratch, you can find most types of screen pre-assembled. Many of the pre-assembled screens still require some hands-on work. Whether you work with a kit for your screen installation or purchase a pre-cut screen, it may make sense to consult a pro to learn which of the available options is right for you.

Replacement windows are made-to-measure for existing window frames. They are made to be installed without removing the exterior siding or window trim. You can start by browsing big box store aisles to get an idea of what window options are out there. But when you drill down to find the best windows there are many factors to consider. Window vendors will likely send a consultant to assess your needs. They’ll help you decide which materials to choose, and make sure your replacement windows suit your home’s requirements.

The consultant will go over types of frames, the number of panes of glass you’ll need. You’ll go through the costs that accompany each choice, taking into consideration your budget, logistical requirements, and aesthetics. There are so many factors to consider when looking for the best replacement windows. Bottom line is to do your homework based on your particular needs and work with a qualified pro.

Often, there is confusion surrounding the difference between single-hung and double-hung windows. Single-hung windows have a fixed top sash, while the bottom can be moved vertically. Double-hung windows have movable top and bottom sashes. Both styles are very common in American homes, with the single-hung style gradually giving way to double-hung windows as houses became more modern.

Both window styles offer energy efficiency, with single-hung windows being slightly more efficient because there are fewer moving panes of glass. Double-hung windows are easier to clean, but are also more expensive than single-hung windows. It’s quite easy to find replacement windows for both styles.