Home warranties are a safety net for homeowners, offering coverage for unexpected repairs and replacements of numerous home systems and appliances, including -potentially- the sprinkler systems. Understanding the full scope of your home warranty can help avoid future complications if you have questions regarding what is covered and what is not

Whether home warranties cover sprinkler systems will be disclosed in your specific plan’s coverage. Whether you are new to homeownership or an experienced property owner, knowing your home warranty, including the details on what it covers and its obligations, can prevent unwelcome surprises and expenses.

What is a sprinkler system?

An outdoor sprinkler system, often called a lawn irrigation system, is an automated watering system designed to irrigate lawns and landscapes. These systems are valuable for maintaining lush and healthy yards with minimal effort.

However, sprinkler systems are not immune to issues like any other home system. Common problems include leaky valves, clogged sprinkler heads, and controller malfunctions. Such issues can lead to poor watering efficiency, creating patches of dry grass, or flooding areas of your landscape.

Do home warranties cover sprinkler systems?

When addressing, “Do home warranties cover sprinkler systems?” the response is often yes. Most home warranty plans cover sprinkler systems, including the comprehensive plans offered by Porch Home Warranty.

However, such coverage may not be standard across all warranty providers. Some may classify sprinkler systems as an optional add-on or include them in more premium packages. The extent and specifics of the coverage can greatly differ depending on the provider and the plan chosen.

Some factors could influence the coverage of your sprinkler system under a home warranty.

Age and model of the sprinkler system

The age and model of your sprinkler system can play a significant role in determining whether or not it’s covered under the warranty. Some home warranty providers may restrict their coverage to newer systems or only cover specific models or brands.

Terms and conditions of the warranty contract

Every home warranty contract comes with a specific set of terms and conditions that detail the extent of the coverage. Some contracts may only cover certain sprinkler system components or cater to specific breakdowns or malfunctions. 

Cause of the problem

The reason behind the malfunction or breakdown of your sprinkler system also impacts your warranty coverage. If the problem arises due to normal wear and tear, your warranty will likely cover the repair or replacement cost. However, if the damage has been caused by negligence or misuse, it might not be covered under your warranty.


Maintenance is a significant factor that’s often tied to warranty coverage. Regular and proper sprinkler system maintenance is typically required for your warranty to remain valid. Neglecting maintenance could lead to warranty claims being denied. To ensure your sprinkler system remains covered, adhere to a regular maintenance schedule and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for care and upkeep.

Tips to maintain your sprinkler system

The longevity and efficiency of your sprinkler system largely depend on how well it’s maintained. Proper upkeep ensures the system operates optimally and plays a key role in maintaining its warranty coverage. Here are some maintenance tips to keep your sprinkler system in the best shape.

Regular inspection

Conduct frequent inspections of your sprinkler system. Look out for signs of leaks or broken sprinkler heads, which could indicate potential issues. Pay attention to the controller as well, ensuring it’s operating correctly. Inspecting your sprinkler system regularly allows you to spot and rectify issues before they escalate, saving you from costly repairs or replacements.

Seasonal maintenance

Seasonal maintenance is vital to prevent damage due to changing weather conditions. Before the onset of winter, it’s important to drain the system to prevent pipe freezing and subsequent damage. As spring arrives, all components should be thoroughly checked to ensure they’re working correctly. This includes checking for any damage that might have occurred during winter and rectifying it before the sprinkler system is put to heavy use during the warmer months.

Adjustment of sprinkler heads

Correcting sprinkler heads is another significant aspect of maintaining your sprinkler system. Misaligned heads may end up watering sidewalks, driveways, or the street, wasting water, and not adequately watering your lawn or garden. Regularly check and adjust the alignment of the sprinkler heads to ensure efficient water use.

Seek professional help

While regular personal maintenance can help keep your sprinkler system in good shape, certain issues might be beyond a layperson’s understanding. If you notice persistent problems or encounter complex issues, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Hiring a professional for a thorough check-up and necessary repairs could save you from larger issues in the future. They can detect potential problems you may miss and provide appropriate solutions, thereby extending the life of your sprinkler system.

Home warranties often cover sprinkler systems, but the extent of the coverage varies depending on your provider and a specific plan. Regular maintenance of your sprinkler system is key to its efficient performance and can play a significant role in maintaining the validity of your warranty coverage. Always read and understand your home warranty contract to ensure you know what is and isn’t covered to take full advantage of the benefits.