Owner Background Check Badge
Common Questions
What does it mean when a Pro has an owner background check badge on their profile?keyboard_arrow_down

To qualify for the owner background check badge, company owners must pass a criminal background check. To maintain this badge, in addition to the initial check, owners must pass ongoing background checks conducted by a third-party for Porch.

Do you check for other professional qualifications like licensing and insurance?keyboard_arrow_down

To earn the owner background check badge, company owners must pass a criminal background check. We highly recommend that you ask pros for credentials such as licensing and insurance prior to starting a project. Learn more about tips and advice for hiring the right pro here.

What do you look for in the Pro background check?keyboard_arrow_down

The chart below outlines details about the types of criminal convictions our third-party background check partner screens for, and the eligibility guidelines based on their findings.

CategoryCharges Resulting in ConvictionFelonyMisdemeanor
Major RelevantCrimes involving children, Sex offender registration, Crimes of a sexual nature, Murder/homicide, Domestic violence, False checks, Impersonating a police officer, Illegal possession of a firearm, Peeping, Stalking, Robbery, Fraud, Theft, Burglary, Drug distribution, ArsonLifetime BanLifetime Ban
Lesser RelevantAssault, Battery, Manslaughter, Harassment, Violation of restraining order, Possession of stolen goods, Coercion, Bribery, Endangerment of person/s, Own/operate an auto chop shop, Communicating threats, Vandalism, Drug possession, Trespassing, Attempted escape, ProstitutionLifetime BanBan of 7 Years
Repeat Offenses*2 or more Lesser Relevant chargesLifetime BanBan of 20 Years
Not RelevantTraffic violations, DUI/DWI, Traffic infraction, Solicitation, Failure to appear, Minor trade license violationsNo BanNo Ban
Can a Pro’s owner background check badge be revoked?keyboard_arrow_down

Porch runs background re-checks once a year on all Pros with the owner background check badge. Additionally, our third-party partner will continuously monitor all Pros with the owner background check badge. (So, in the case where a crime is committed by a Pro with the owner background check badge, Porch will be notified, and the Pro’s owner background check badge will be evaluated.) Additionally, Pros with unresolved homeowner complaints on Porch will not be permitted to maintain their owner background check badge.

What should I do if I have a problem with a company with the owner background check badge?keyboard_arrow_down

Please contact the Porch homeowner support team immediately at (800) 604-2454 or email guarantee@porch.com