Fireclay Tile has always created unique and beautifully designed tiles. But now we have another reason to love this company: recycled CRT glass tiles. What is CRT glass? CRT stands for Cathode Ray Tube, it’s the glass you find in old TVs and computer monitors.  Fireclay Tile adds:

“CRTs are considered to be one of the hardest types of electronic waste to recycle. CRT glass can be recycled into more CRT glass, but with rapid technological advancements and declining price tags for LCD and plasma displays there is no longer a viable use for CRT glass, which means that there is over 600 million pounds of CRT in California alone.”

Fireclay Tile CRT this used to be your TV

Paul Burns, Founder of Fireclay Tile, hates waste. Once he realized how many CRTs were laying waste in landfills he realized he could actually do something about it. Fireclay Tile works with ECS Refining, a local recycling company, to remove the glass panel and start the crushing process. The crushed glass is set into molds, fired, and turned into a gorgeous steel grey tile.  The tile is offered in two sizes, 2×8 and 1″ round mosaics.


Why Kickstarter? “We need $10,000 to purchase high quality molds that will guarantee consistency in our finished product. Each mold costs roughly $20 and an average size project will use around 360 molds.” Thinking about supporting this project? Those who donate will receive a set of recycled CRT tile glass coasters. If you really like this project and want to donate a large sum, Fireclay will give you enough tile for your backsplash project! See their website for details.

UPDATE: Exciting news! Fireclay Tile raised the Kickstarter money needed to fund this product and it is available to purchase on their website


Top image credit: Fireclay Tile