Last month we talked about which pros were searched for the most on Porch, and differences between different regions of the country. Now that the partnership between Lowe’s and Porch has rolled out nationwide, some interesting differences are materializing between how people search Porch at their home or work and how they search Porch from inside a Lowe’s store.

Carpenters are the pro type that’s searched for more from home than from a Lowe’s, coming in at #8 on the main Porch website but way down at #23 for in-store Lowe’s searches. As someone who has done a fair share of woodworking projects, that makes sense. When you’re planning out a project, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and realize that you really just need to turn to the professionals. However, once you’ve gone to the store to buy the lumber, you’re probably more committed to doing it yourself.

Pest Control comes in at the opposite end of the spectrum, ranking #9 for searches from a Lowe’s store but way down at #24 for searches on Porch. When you’ve got a pest problem, your first intuition is probably not to sit down and research solutions on the Internet, but rather to just go get something to fix it. But once you get to the store, you’re likely to learn that most of the DIY options really are not very comprehensive. You’re much more likely to get a comprehensive and long-lasting solution from a seasoned pest control pro.

Here are the complete top ten lists for searches on Porch from Lowe’s and from home/work.

Top Searches on Porch at Lowe’s

Rank Search Term Share
1 Painters 17%
2 Handymen 14%
3 Plumbers 13%
4 Electricians 10%
5 General Contractors 9%
6 Remodeling Contractors 9%
7 Landscapers 8%
8 Interior Designers 4%
9 Pest Control Contractors 3%
10 Flooring Contractors 1%

Top Searches on from Home/Work

Rank Search Term Share
1 Painters 10%
2 Plumbers 6%
3 Landscapers 6%
4 Handymen 5%
5 Roofers 4%
6 Electricians 4%
7 Remodeling Contractors 4%
8 Carpenters 2%
9 Decking Contractors 2%
10 General Contractors 2%

Top image credit: Walker Woodworking