Gardening is one of life’s little pleasures. But unfortunately, not all of us have a very big space in which to exercise our green thumbs.

If all you’re not lucky enough to have a big back yard in the country, it might seem like a garden’s just not in the cards. But with these eight small-space garden DIYs, you can get your leafy paradise even if all you’ve got is a balcony in the city.

From a vertical veggie garden to a mini orchard,  check out these awesome ways to pack the most garden into the smallest space.

1. Colorful Trellis Garden

No space on the ground for all those containers? Be space-savvy by hanging brightly colored buckets from a trellis that leans against the wall.

2. Urban Arbor

Take advantage of fast-growing vines by suspending a trellis above a balcony, and letting the runaway plants create a living canopy. For double-duty function and beauty, try this with peas or even cucumbers.

3. Vertical Vegetable Garden

If all you’ve got to work with is a wall or a balcony rail, create a vertical veggie garden by covering it with mesh wire and hanging up containers. This is also a clever way to repurpose an ugly chain-link fence.

5. Tomato Can Containers

Believe it or not, tomatoes love being in containers. Make a saucy statement by planting yours in bright upcycled tomato sauce cans.

6. Upcycled Dresser Planter

Sometimes you find that perfect piece of vintage furniture that’s just too damaged to save. The next time that happens, give it new life by turning it into a chic tiered planter.

7. Mini Green Pergola

You may not have space for a beautiful pergola planted with draping vines. But you can get the look with this vertical mini-pergola hung with rows of terra cotta planters.

8. Dwarf Citrus Orchard

Plant your very own small-space orchard with a grouping of dwarf citrus trees in bright containers. Then enjoy homemade lemonade all summer!

HGTV - dwarf citrus trees

 Top Image Credit: HGTV

Do these crafty DIYs inspire you to start your own small-space garden? What’s your small-space gardening challenge?