Hiring a cleaning service or house cleaner can help make your life easier and your home cleaner. There are many services that employ many cleaners; this is a great option for homeowners who have a large square footage or need consistent service but you may have a different staff from time to time. Individual cleaners are perfect for smaller jobs but you may find that your service is dependent upon the schedule of an individual. Often times homeowners will want to use who their neighbors use, for convenience or for that personal recommendation. Need help finding a cleaner? You can find one in your neighborhood on Porchzfbzcuyqsybrvyararsyawfcfawwursr.


We wanted to find out what a homeowner should ask when hiring a house cleaner and find out a bit more about some easy DIY cleaning tips. We spoke with Naked Clean, a green cleaning company in the San Diego, California, area who offered some great advice for homeowners and renters.

What are the top things to know before hiring a cleaning pro?

Know who you are hiring and check their reference. Are they a reputable company? Are they insured and bonded to protect you against loss or damages?

Know what products are being used to clean your home. It’s best to avoid toxic chemicals (like bleach) that will be around you, your family, and pets. Think about opting for a pro that uses green and natural products.

Know if you’re getting the same person or people to clean your home each time. Because every customer is different, it may benefit you to find a company that will send the same cleaning pro every time who knows your house, your pets, and your individual needs.

Know if you can customize your cleanings. For example, most pros only give you the option to clean the entire house. But you may want to save money by skipping rarely used rooms or only getting the hard stuff cleaned, like bathrooms and floors. And what if you have specialized surfaces? Is the cleaning pro able to give them special attention or use your particular products and equipment?

Know if you can make changes. Can you reschedule with ease? Can you change your maid if your personalities or cleaning styles don’t mesh?


Do you have any easy DIY cleaning tips for homeowners?

Sometimes it’s not just what you clean with, but how you clean. Nobody wants to spend ALL day cleaning so make it efficient. Probably one of the most important aspects to cleaning is having a system. Think like a hotel staffer, who often has very little time and a lot of areas to clean.

First, get a handy little carrier, like a tote bag, so you can take all your supplies with you— put in your duster, scrubbers, sponges, washcloths, cleansers, spray bottles, and a small quart-size container to hold soap and water.

Second, keep the number of cleaners (or bottles) to a minimum. All you need for most situations is a medium to light all-purpose cleaner, a heavy duty cleaner, a scouring powder, and a dish-type soap.

Third, begin the actual cleaning by starting with the surfaces that need cleansers to sit and dwell before scrubbing. This will sanitize and make it easier to clean off later on. For example, in a bathroom you may begin by spraying the shower walls and toilet bowl with your heavy duty cleaner and letting it sit for at least 5 minutes.

Then, while letting those cleansers sit, go on to other areas. A great technique is to start at the top and work your way down. For example, when in the bathroom, you would start by cleaning the lights above the mirror, moving down to the mirror, and then to the sink.

Eventually, you’ll finish by mopping or vacuuming your way out the door and onto the next room.

When is your busiest time of year? When is the best time of year for homeowners to call and schedule an appointment?

Our busiest time of the year is May. While many people are looking for spring cleanings, the primary reason we’re so busy is actually because allergies begin acting up in the spring. Our particular probiotic cleaning products work wonders on allergens and our customers know that so they often come to us for help in reducing them. While we may get busy, any time of the year is best to call as we, personally, have many maids available to refer for cleanings.

What and where are the best places to purchase cleaning products?

Since we only recommend green cleaning, we believe the best cleaning products to purchase are those that aren’t labeled with words like “caution”, “hazardous”, or “danger.” Basically, keep it non-toxic and natural because these are the products that are going to be used in your home, around your family and your pets. The widest variety can be found at specialty health stores, however home improvement stores do carry a limited selection of green cleaners. But if you don’t want to venture out to find them yourself, the best option may be to hire a trustworthy non-toxic house cleaning company.

What are your cleaning tips for a homeowner moving in or out of a home?

When moving in or out, the main goal is to achieve a “deep” cleaning by sanitizing in order to kill germs, allergens, and grime build-up. The most common method people use today is to purchase a highly toxic sanitizer or disinfectant. But the problem with this method is that, while you are killing the germs, you’re also leaving behind dangerous toxic chemicals, which is not healthy. A better and safer approach is to use a probiotic or other specialty non-toxic cleaner that will not only reduce germs, but will also leave everything fresh and smelling good, without the hazardous side effects of a toxic cleaner.