At some point in your life (if you haven’t already), you’re going to move. It’s a life experience that can either be pleasant, or way too stressful. Here, we highlight some suggestions on how to make moving into your new home a more manageable experience by taking extra time to map out a simple strategy.

1. Plan ahead

Surviving a move is all about the details, which means a solid plan must be in place if you want to avoid any stress during this transition. Who will be helping you pack? What’s the best date to move considering your work schedule? There’s so much to consider when you’re moving house.

Decide early on whether you’re relying on friends and family to help with your move or hiring professional movers, who will need guidance. Complete your change of address request early enough (at least six weeks prior to the move) to ensure your mail delivery isn’t interrupted. If you enjoy lists, this is the time to put the habit to work. List every single task that will need to be completed for a successful move, so nothing is overlooked.

2. Toss or sell unwanted items

About two months prior to moving, dedicate time to selling items you no longer need on Craigslist or eBay, or choose whether you’d like to donate them to a local charity. Your new space should only be filled with items that add to your lifestyle. There’s no need to bring clutter into a fresh environment.

3. Pack well

Labeling boxes saves you time (and frustration) during the unpacking process. Label boxes with what they contain, so you can quickly pinpoint where items belong when moving to your new space. Also be certain you’ve purchased enough tape and other packing materials, so you’re not wasting time with multiple trips to the store for these essentials.


4. But don’t box it all

Don’t move into your new space and be forced to dig through tons of boxes to find fresh clothing to wear for the workweek or sneakers for your workout. Pack items you’ll be using frequently in a bag that you’ll be able to access easily within the first few days of moving.

5. Prep your new home

Change locks, finish painting, complete any flooring projects, and set-up your utilities and Internet before moving into your new place. Handling these tasks prior to moving in will make the experience less stressful and make you feel a bit more at home.

6. Unpack key rooms first

When unpacking, think about the most important rooms in your home and handle those boxes first. Your bedroom and kitchen are critical to getting settled and feeling a bit of comfort until you’ve fully unpacked. If every other space in your home is in a state of chaos, at least you know these two areas can bring you peace of mind. Mark boxes with your bedding and main kitchen items clearly, so they’re easy to identify among all the other boxes that will be scattered about the space.

Top Image Credit: Jennifer Post Design

Are you moving soon? What are your top tricks for keeping sane during the chaos of a move?