The trick to getting clean lines with painter’s tape is easier than you think. Tired of peeling away your painter’s tape only to find the color has bled underneath? We created a short video to help explain the easiest way to get those crispy lines for your next painting project.

Good and crispy vs. bad and ugly

Step 1: Apply tape to wall

Use the best tape you can afford and take your time to set the tape into position.

Step 2: Paint current wall color along the tape

Here’s where the trick comes into play. Whatever the current wall color is, use that paint for your first coat but only apply it right along the edge of the tape.

Step 3: Paint new color

After step 2 is dry, use a high-quality brush or roller to apply your new paint color.

Step 4: Let dry and remove tape

It’s best to remove the tape just before the paint is completely bone dry.

There you have it – no more blurred lines!

Video production credit: Jake Cooney