Repurposing mason jars is a fun and easy way to create a useful item out of something you usually throw out. Whether you’re decorating, organizing, or crafting, get inspired to upcycle your old household items with these clever DIY mason jar ideas. Turn your leftover jars into a golden vase, labeled storage shelf, or even a soap dispenser.

We’ve brought you 9 of the best DIY mason jar ideas for you to try out!

1. Monogram Light

Oleander and Palm

Photo courtesy of Oleander and Palm

2. Indoor Herb Garden

Food Family Finds

Photo courtesy of Food Family & Finds

 3. Soap Dispensers

Love Grows Wild

Photo courtesy of Love Grows Wild

4. Spray Painted Vases

Mason Jar Crafts Love

Photo courtesy of Mason Jar Crafts Love

5. Apothecary Jars

Thrifty and Chic

Photo courtesy of Thrifty and Chic

6. Funfetti Candles

Beth Cakes

Photo courtesy of Beth Cakes

7. Wall Piece

Emily Benziger

Photo courtesy of Yesterday’s Sweetheart

8. Storage Shelf

Poofy Cheeks

Photo courtesy of Poofy Cheeks

9. Chalk Painted Jars

Mom 4 Real

Photo courtesy of Mom 4 Real

What’s your favorite DIY mason jar idea? Let us know in the comments below!

Top Image Credit: Love Grows Wild