Your bookcase is one of the most personal items in your home, and a decorating powerhouse. It holds your favorite manuscripts, your treasured trinkets, and it’s always on display for your family and guests.

If you’re looking to add some polish to your bookcase, make sure to read these top stylist’s tips for making it look gorgeous.

1. Make it pop

Showcase your collection by painting the backs of shelves in a different color, or lining them with patterned wallpaper.

2. Play with perspective

Keep the eye moving by sorting your books from small to large, or by arranging some stacks of books vertically, and others horizontally.

3. Arrange by color

Take inspiration from a color wheel and arrange your books by hue. Try arranging fiery colored books together, or mix it up by placing them next to colors from the other end of the scale.

4. Celebrate your passions

Give your mementos a new life by placing them next relevant books. For politicos, try a basket of campaign pins by a stack of books by your favorite pundits. Trinkets found while traveling will bring extra meaning to your vacation guides.

5. Add in storage

Utilize your bookcase as a place for additional storage by placing boxes or baskets on the bottom shelf. Pick a pattern that complements the look and feel of your collection and the décor of the room.

6. Leave a little bit of open space

Unless you like the cluttered look, leave some space on the bookcase to add balance… and room for future additions!

7. Create your own art gallery

Make a space for that print or image that you’ve forgotten about. Attach picture hooks or pins to the molding of your bookcase and hang artwork off the structure. Experiment with different frames and print sizes.

House Beautiful - art on bookshelves

House Beautiful

8. Add height

Don’t stop with decorating just the shelves of your bookcase. Add items such as canvases and plants to the top to increase the shelf’s height and make the whole room look larger.

9. Be creative with your bookends

Add some fun to your room by using different items for bookends. Try using interesting objects, vintage pottery, or even a pair of trophies to add some character to the shelves.

Top Image Credit: Modern Eve

How to you organize your bookcases? Which tip would you love to try?