The most simple of ways to dress up your home decor- pop some pillows onto your couch, bed, chair, floor or wherever! Colorful pillows with conversations, graphics, or patterns are easily exchangeable decor items that are fun to make and decorate with. Some DIY pillows are no-sew, some require minimal effort, while others can get a little trickier.

Whatever your skill level may be, let your personality shine through by making one of these 9 DIY decorative pillow ideas!

1. Graphic Poppy Pillows

Give your pillows an extra pop with these graphic poppy pillows that will bring a bit of spring into your home. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to make your own!

2. No-Sew Tank Pillow

Not sure how to thread a needle? No worries, we’ve got you covered with this no-sew pillow tank that can be whipped up in a minute.

3. Triangle Stamped Pillows

Get geometric with these triangle stamped pillows. Instantly steal the look of these trendy pillows with this Hand-Stamped Pillow Covers Kit that will make sure you have no DIY fails!

4. Iron On Embellishment

Upgrade a plain pillow with a pretty embellishment. This pillow ironed on a metallic vinyl hello for a golden greeting!

5. Sunflower Felt Pillow

A unique work of art, this sunflower felt pillow is bursting with cuteness! Get all the details on how this decorative pillow was made, here.

6. Aztec Heart Pillow

Bright coral and gold leather are the perfect match for this patterned heart pillow. Get the free pattern to make your own!

7. Plush Conversation Hearts

Go ahead, stare at the sparkly results of these adorable plush conversation heart pillows. Props, gifts, or decor, these pillows will make you fall in love with sequins and polka dots even more! (If that’s possible.)

8. Graphic Painted Pillow

Make your own personalized pillow by painting your favorite pattern onto fabric. See how this orange graphic striped pillow was designed to grab some inspiration!

9. No-Sew Pillow Covers

Pick a few of your favorite fabrics to make these no-sew pillow covers. Wondering what the secret material is that holds these pillows together? Find out, here!

What’s your favorite DIY decorative pillow? Let us know in the comments below!

Top Image Credit: Hearts & Sharts