After what seemed like a never ending winter, spring is finally here! These festive planters are a great way to say hello.

These bright flower pot makeovers are so pretty, they even work as Easter baskets or cute Mom’s Day gifts. Best of all, they’re a great way to unify all the planters in your house to suit your style.

Say goodbye to dull terra cotta pots, and fill your home with spots of bright color with these eight DIY planter makeovers.

1. Marbled Masterpieces

With a bucket of water and a few cans of spray paint (or even some nail polish, in a pinch), you can turn your bland planters into marbled works of art. For extra protection from the elements, use a top coat of clear indoor/outdoor spraypaint.

2. Festive Fabric

Do you love to sew, and have tons of fabric scraps lying around your craft room? Then this is the perfect DIY planter makeover for you. It’s a pretty simple project anyone can tackle, so hit up your friends who sew and go through their fabric scrap bins to find the perfect patterns! To adhere the fabric to the flower pot, use a layer of Mod Podge on the pot, then again over the fabric, making sure to tuck a layer of fabric over the top of the pot and the bottom.

3. Geometric Gems

Geometric gems are trending in home decor, fashion, and even weddings. The fun thing about this trend is making your own gem designs using molds and polymer clay. Bake them in the oven to set, then using heavy duty glue, create a unique pattern with your geometric gems to dress up your boring flower pots.

4. Paint Dripped

Instead of paint dipping your flower pots, turn them upside down to adorn them with abstract drips. Give your pots a simple and modern look with one paint color, or make it funky with two or more colors on one pot.

5. Gold Foil & Glitter

These glamorous flower pot makeovers use gold foil lettering and glitter to bring a little extra shine to your spring. The wonderful thing about the gold foil used in this tutorial is its adhesive backing, no need to get messy trying to glue them on. However, a layer of protective spray may help them stay on if they get wet.

6. Spring Lace

The contrast between the delicate lace and the tough, thorny cacti is what makes this flower pot makeover so fabulous. Succulents and green plants don’t have to look quite so modern. Dress them up with lace, glitter, paint, and gem stones for a sweet, vintage feel.

7. Dip Dyed Ombré

To achieve this cool ombré effect, dip the pot into dye for a few minutes, then flip it over and let it dry before you set it back in the dye for the next layer of color. You can use store bought dye, paint, or you can make your own natural stains from beets as the tutorial explains.

8. Neon Geometry

In a few easy steps and with the help of some painter’s tape, you can create a one of a kind flower pot. Place your painter’s tape in the pattern you’d like to create, paint on as many colors as you’d like, then slowly peel off the painter’s tape to reveal your painted flower pot design.

Top Image Credit: A Beautiful Mess
Which DIY flower pot design is your favorite? Have you made any of these designs before?