This is a guest post from Allie Shaw.

If you’ve ever remodeled your home before, you know how much work it can be. And if not, consider yourself warned! It’s especially important to make each remodel count.  

Whether you’re looking for ideas to make your house more of a home or already have a plan and want to throw in a few extras, these six ideas will take your remodel to the next level.  

Bring Your House into the 21st Century with Home Automation

Apart from the convenience and just-plain-cool factor, installing home automation or smart home features can make your house much more attractive for resale. This is especially true for millennial buyers, who are buying homes in increasing numbers.

Examples of smart home features include smart lighting (for those new recessed light fixtures), smart thermostats, and video doorbells. An easy way to use smart features is with a smart security system. These systems allow you to control many devices such as your smart garage door openers, locks, and even security cameras. You can control everything from your smartphone, or set up tablets in key areas like the kitchen and bedroom. You can even place a few Amazon Echo devices around your home for voice control. There are tons of options in this space and a lot of potential for customization.  

Clean UYour Rooms with Recessed Lighting 

Recessed lighting can be used in any room to give it a clean, elegant look. In fact, it can make a room appear bigger since nothing is jutting down from the ceiling. Recessed lighting is especially popular in kitchens, living rooms, and home theaters to provide illumination while keeping the lines of the room clean or your view of the screen unobstructed.

Also, recessed lights can provide better lighting coverage in a room because they tend to be spread out evenly rather than concentrated at the center like a chandelier or other traditional light fixture.

Up Your Audio Game with Built-ISpeakers 

Whether you’re a music lover who wants to pipe tunes throughout your home or a film buff that wants a beastly surround sound setup for your home theater, built-in speakers give you the benefits without having a bunch of ugly speakers cluttering up your home. Depending on what your goal is, you can go for ceiling speakersin-wall speakers, or both.

You can set up a Dolby Atmos system for your home theater or even wire speakers to your patio or deck for parties—it’s up to your imagination.

Take Your Grilling to the Next Level with an Outdoor Kitchen 

One upgrade that is increasing in popularity is an outdoor kitchen. This can be as simple as a grill and sink built into an area of your patio. Apart from the wow factor, an outdoor kitchen adds a lot of convenience—having a sink and cabinets right next to your grill is something any grillsmith can appreciate. Generally, the end result will look nicer than a free-standing grill tucked into the corner too.  

Cost: Your cost for an outdoor kitchen depends on how far you want to take your imagination.  

Make Bath Time Fresh with a Mirrored TV  

These TVs blend seamlessly into the mirror glass on your vanity so that you can’t even tell the TV is there when it’s turned off. A mirrored TV makes a perfect upgrade for busy folks who might want to catch up on the news—or little entertainment—while getting ready in the morning. Séura is one of the top manufacturers of hidden TVs, crafting them with quality and convenience in mind. 

Brighten UYour Yard with Landscape Lighting 

Landscape lighting could be as simple as some upward-facing lights on trees and shrubs. You could also go even further and turn your yard into an illuminated work of art. Either way, good lighting can really help with curb appeal.

There can be practical reasons to install outdoor lighting as well, like lighting up a path through the yard or a particularly dark corner for security reasons. Whatever you decide to do, go for LED lights to maximize your investment—they last a lot longer and tend to be more durable.

When it comes to remodeling, the possibilities are almost endless. These are just a few of the ideas out there when it comes to adding value and luxury to your forever home. 

About the author: Allie Shaw graduated from the University of Utah in communications. She is an expert in all things home, technology and lifestyle. She is a freelance writer for multiple publications. You can view her work at