On average, a burglary occurs every 22 seconds in the U.S., which works out to 1.4 million burglaries per year. Like many people, you may be thinking about getting a home security system to help protect your home and family from these problems, but you may also be questioning if it’s a sound investment.

We’ve thoroughly researched the pros and cons of a home security system, and we think it’s an investment you can’t afford to do without. Here are the top six reasons we think a security system is worth every cent.

1. It’s actually pretty affordable

Many people who want a home security system think they can’t afford it, but it’s more budget-friendly than you may realize. The cost of your system depends on several factors, including the features and levels of monitoring you choose.

2. It reduces the chance that your home will be broken into

A home without a monitored home security system is three times more likely to be broken into than a home with a security system. As we’ve noted, the cost of security systems varies, but considering that the average dollar amount lost per burglary in America is $2,416, we think that a home security system offers a good return on your investment.

3. It minimizes your losses if a burglary does happen

A monitored home security system not only reduces the chance your home will be burglarized, it can also minimize your loss should a break-in occur. In fact, the Electronic Security Association reports that homes with a security system lose approximately $2,000 less than homes without a security system.

4. It can save you money on your homeowner’s insurance policy

Installing and using a monitored home security system may lower your homeowner’s insurance premium by up to 20 percent. Not every insurance company offers a discount, but many do. Contact your insurance provider to find out if a home security discount is available.

5. It may help keep your family safe

The cost of a home security system is minimal compared to the physical and psychological trauma that a burglary can cause. According to a special report by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, a household member is at home during 28 percent of break-ins, and seven percent of the time, the household member experiences some type of violence.

6. It makes burglars think twice about breaking in again

It takes the typical burglar less than a minute to break into your home, and about eight minutes later he’s taking off with your possessions. Worse, statistics show that if a burglar likes what he finds in your home, he’s likely to burglarize it again. After all, he’s familiar with the layout of your house and knows you’ve had to replace your valuables.

As you can see, a monitored home security system not only helps protect your valuables, it’s a smart investment into your family’s safety and security. Are you ready to protect your home? Click the button below to take the first step in protecting your family and valuables  .