While picture frames are wonderful for showing off captured moments in a classy way, frames can also double as fabulous focus points of any room in your home. Each of these creative projects can be easily personalized to reflect your taste and style. If you like to decorate your own frames with colorful paints and pretty patterns, you can use these projects as a starting point for your creative genius.

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Brighten up any room with these six fabulous DIY picture frame projects!

1. Picture Frame Jewelry Organizer

Ever find yourself in a hurry, desperately trying to untangle all of your different necklaces from the pile you keep on your dresser? Here is a quick way to save time during your busy morning routine. These picture frame jewelry organizers are simple to make and look even better on the wall!

2. Picket Fence Frame

Is your home rocking the rustic theme this year? If so, what better way to complete your living space than showing off your beautiful family in these adorable picket fence frames!

3. Frame Shelf

This frame shelf is an easy organization tool and also a fashionable statement piece. Whether in a bedroom or living room, this shelf makes things easier to find and nice to look at all in one perfect frame.

4. $3 Bow Frame

Keep it simple and create this adorable bow frame for only $3! It’s easy to make and can be a great gift for friends and family around the holidays.

5. Striped Washi Tape Frame

Washi tape is one of the easiest and most colorful ways to dress up a plain picture frame. Pick your favorite colors or patterns and create your own custom washi tape frame!

6. Mood Board

A mood board is one of the simplest ways to display everything you love in one place. You can show off your DIY talents, your interests, and your memories all at the same time by making this picture frame mood board!

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Do these DIY picture frames fit your style? Which one is your favorite?

Top Image Credit: It’s Overflowing