Wall galleries have become a staple of modern home decor, and can help transform your home into a stylish place to live. From family portraits, to a yellow turtle shell, Caitlin from Desert Domicile shows us how to display the things that matter most. This Tuscon based designer and DIY-er gives us 5 quick tips for creating the perfect, captivating wall gallery!

TIP #1

One size doesn’t fit all

Most of the pieces in my gallery wall vary in size from small and medium, to large and even x-large. I tried not to put similar sized pieces next to each other (unless they were part of a group) because I wanted to have an even mix of differently sized pieces on either side of the arrangement.

TIP #2

Mix things up

Note: this tip applies to both the frames you choose and the pieces of art you put inside of them.

All of my frames are black with the exception of a few canvases and clear acrylic frames. While they’re mostly all the same color, they’re not all the same style.

TIP #3

Toss in some sculptural items

If you have a mirror or an irregularly shaped item like a sconce, a monogram or a blue French horn, hang it on your wall! The item’s shape will help break up the monotony that a grid of frames can sometimes cause and give the wall some more dimension. Plus, it’ll add extra interest to the overall arrangement!

TIP #4

Meaningful pieces matter

All of the pieces you hang on your wall don’t have to have a special meaning, they could simply be things you like! However, incorporating meaningful things into your overall arrangement helps take the “specialness” up a notch!

TIP #5

Keep your eye moving

Eye movement is key in any gallery wall arrangement! Just like in styling, the last thing you want is for your eye to stop on one area because that means some of your hard work isn’t being seen.


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