Once relegated to Easter baskets and baby nurseries, the new breed of pastels are moody, sophisticated, and full of subtle style. Dusty pinks, velvety greys, mint greens, and sea blues have made their way into modern interiors, and they’re more versatile than you might think.

Here are five ways to use design’s gorgeous new pastels. Whether your style is beachy, modern, simple, or eclectic, these new colors will pump up your décor.

1. Simple and Neutral

In this seaside home, soft greys, creams and washed out blues lend a luxe minimalism. When colors complement instead of compete, the effect is casual elegance instead of prim fussiness.

 2. Statement Pieces

A blush pink sofa might feel like it’ll never match with anything. But keeping the walls and furniture white prevents a bright statement from being overbearing.

3. Modern Mint

Give a rustic modern kitchen an unexpected twist with mint green cabinets. Warm wood accents and a dark green chair ground the room’s pale palette, and keep it from looking too washed out.

4. Mix It Up

An eclectic mix of pale shades and patterns makes this room feel youthful and fun, while a collection of frames and a black and white carpet turn the sophistication up a notch.

5. Create A Sanctuary

Layer light grey, petal pink, and palest peach for a light, airy bedroom that’s soothing without feeling stuffy.

Top Image Credit: HGTV

Are you on board with the new pastels? Are you inspired to use any of these shades in your space?