They say “necessity is the mother of invention,” but when you want to improve the outlook of your home, office, or back yard, you’ll most likely face a problem of coming up with creative ways of doing it.

DIY hacks have garnered a massive following for its innovativeness creating solutions to day-to-day problems by using derelict materials in contrary ways from their intended purpose.

On top of improving the looks of your living space or work environment, DIY hacks are applicable everywhere and usually don’t cost a fortune. Needless to say, they’re a great option when you want to quickly and inexpensively increase the value of your home. Here, we’ve compiled 5 of the best DIY hacks with creative twists to make your life easier.

Make Your Own Toothbrush Holder

Toothbrushes are some of the most regularly-used items in any home. If not carefully handled and stored, they can potentially become germ-infested.  It is on this ground that you should place emphasis on proper storage.

One of the easiest ways to create a DIY toothbrush holder is to drill small triangular or rectangular holes at the rim of your bathroom cabinet. That way you get small spaces to place your whole family’s toothbrushes that won’t get overcrowded.

Customize Ladder Bumpers with Old Sneakers

Are your ladder bumpers already torn? If yes, you are lucky we’ve found a better and cheaper way to extend your ladder’s lease of life. Attach a pair of old sneakers with rubber soles to the ladder’s legs with duct tape and you’re all set.

Make a Laptop Cooler

Overheating is one of the major problems with aging laptops. It’s caused by excessive usage, which results in hot air accumulating inside the machine . This can cause the laptop to shut down suddenly, which could rob you of important information and potential battery damage.

With the help of this cheap and easy life DIY improvement hack, you can get rid of this problem: Simply place your laptop on top of a cardboard egg tray to keep your laptop ventilated and cool no matter how much you use it.

Create a Flip-down Receipt or Note Holder

We all want to cook that exotic meal that requires a meticulously-made recipe with multiple ingredients. Therefore, having a note or recipe holder makes all the work easier.

It’s a simple procedure: just attach a clothespin to the bottom of your upper kitchen cabinet and pin it down to hold the recipe or note to make sure you follow that recipe to a T.

Use Bungee Cords to Store Balls

Balls are common in homes with kids. Unfortunately, they can accumulate and pile up, which can cause a safety hazard if not stored properly.

A simple DIY hack where you use bungee cords can help. The fact that the bungee cords are firm and exhibit a stretchy nature comes in handy as a good storage place for balls and other toys.

This is a guest post from Daniel Chabert. Daniel is a hiking geek and an entrepreneur who’s working at the crossroads of modernism and function to craft delightful brand experiences. He also writes reviews and recommendations on ContractorCultureBornCuteThatSweetGift and GearWeAre.