Using maps as home decor is an inexpensive yet unique way to add a statement piece to a blank wall, upcycle an old coffee table, or dress up boring picture frames. Map out your travels and turn your space into a creative place where everyone can explore the world with these clever DIY ideas.

1. Map It Out

Spell out your travels in big, bold letters covered with maps of your favorite destinations. When decorating with maps, Mod Podge is your best friend.

2. Global Mobile

Show the world to your little one with this clever hoop art mobile. Or, dress up the sweets or drinks table at your travel-themed party.

3. Go Your Own Way

The world is calling, and your inner wanderlust is itching to escape! If you like to travel to the beat of your own drum and inspire others to do the same, then this inspirational map decal is the perfect wall art to lend some adventure to your space.

4. Window to the World

White doors are so not fun! Make your modern door come to life by trimming plain panels with vintage maps.

5. Coastal Coasters

Decorating with maps is a creative way to take your hometown with you wherever you go. Try a set of coastal coasters for a conversation starter that keeps your coffee table covered.

6. State of the Art

Did you leave your heart in San Francisco? Well, no matter where you left it, this DIY map art idea is a fabulous way to showcase the place you love.

7. Put a Pin In It

Track your worldly travels and mark dream destinations on a DIY cork board map using color coded flag pins.

8. Travel Table

Over time, table tops can get pretty banged up with scratches, watermarks, and even permanent artwork from little ones. But don’t toss that table in the trash. Instead, use a map to hide the marks and make it new again.

9. Magnetic Map

Create a two-in-one kids’ lesson and colorful room decoration by turning map puzzle pieces into magnets.

10. Mapped Out Memories

Frame your favorite travel portraits with maps of the cities and towns you ventured to while on vacation. You’ll never forget where you took that selfie!

What are some of the best places you’ve visited? Do you decorate with souvenirs from your travels?

Top Image Credit: Primitive & Proper