Porch.com: Seattle Born and Raised

It’s been a great week for Seattle

Macklemore represented the Emerald City with big wins and a great performance at the Grammy Awards, and our beloved Seahawks have made their way to New York City to take on the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 48.

Here in Porch’s Eastlake office near downtown Seattle, 12th Man pride is running WILD.

Porch has grown from 25 to 80+ enthusiastic Seattleites over the last several months since our launch. The Seahawks run to the Super Bowl brings out the green and blue in full force in our office and across the city. Everywhere you look you see the Hawks – jerseys, the Space Needle… my 3 year-old brought home his Seahawks “art” from pre-school just today. I’ve been a Seahawks season ticket holder since I was a boy and while the Seahawks pride is expected during times like this, the team has had an impact on Porch since we began more than a year ago.

Porch team showing Seahawks spirit

I’ve borrowed many of the philosophies that Pete Carroll preaches (see his book Win Forever: Live, Work, and Play Like a Champion for more) and have used them in building Porch into something on its way to becoming great. Since he took the reins in 2010, Pete’s taken a below-average Seahawks team and turned them into a Super Bowl contender. Pete’s influence on the team goes beyond the X’s and O’s. His ability to motivate and lead through a consistent belief system has brought success on the field and the admiration of the league (as evidenced from a recent ESPN.com poll naming him the most popular coach in the NFL). There are several of Pete’s principles I embrace:

“Do it better than it has ever been done before”

Throughout the year Pete inspires his team and his program to “do it better” than it has ever been done before. At Porch, I use the same mantra with our team. Every day – whatever the task – come in and do it better than it has ever been done before. The same way Pete teaches his player’s to go out and make every film session, practice, and game the best it can be – we approach our daily work at Porch with the same rigor. We constantly and consistently strive to always “do it better”.

“Be different”

The current Seahawks leadership has specifically looked for players with unique skills and traits. They then put them in a position where they can take full advantage of their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. As we build the team at Porch, I am exceptionally proud of the talent we have brought onboard and the diverse skills they represent. It’s critical that each person fits the culture and spirit of the company and that the entire team is fully aligned and focused on our common goal. However, we look to find uniquely skilled individuals and put them into positions where they will be exceptional. We are on a mission to build the next great Seattle company – and with the right team in the right roles – we can make that a reality.


Competition is about creating an environment where people are driven to perform to their maximum ability. For many companies, doing this while retaining team camaraderie and spirit is difficult. It is no different on the gridiron. Over the years Pete has done an excellent job of communicating the purpose of internal competition – to make each player better. We are transparent about individual results and work to create a healthy competition, but we celebrate team members who best help their peers improve. We want to compete to max out each day and to make sure the bar continues to be raised for the company and each individual.

This weekend I will be making the trek to NYC to cheer on Pete and the Seattle Seahawks. This will be my first Super Bowl; a potentially once in a lifetime experience.

I am proud to be a member of the 12th Man. I love that I get to call Seattle my home. And I am honored to work with the team at Porch every day of the year.

GO SEAHAWKS. Let’s do it better than it has ever been done before.

- Matt
Chief Executive Officer