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Today, Porch, the home improvement network, released its 1st Edition Porch Data Trends Report. The full Porch Data Trends Report can be found at:

Porch will issue this report several times per year using insights from the 1.5 million professionals and over 100 million projects in its network to share analysis into what is happening within the home improvement space. Through analysis of its data, Porch will be able to share national, regional, and local insights into how homeowners are spending money, what types of professionals they are hiring, the types of projects they are completing, and economic indicators such as project Return on Investment (ROI) and Average Project Cost (APC).

"When we started to build the blueprint for, we knew early on that the cornerstone of our experience would be data," said Matt Ehrlichman, chief executive officer of Porch. "If you think about the home space, there is a lot of information out there. But what has never been explored with great depth is home improvement data at a national, regional, and local level that can help homeowners get the most out of their investment. For our very first Porch Data Trends Report, it was a no brainer for us to dive deep into the data to find ways that will help homeowners make informed decisions since spring and summer represents a peak time of year for home improvement, buying, and selling."

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Porch Data Trends Report – 1st Edition

Which home improvement professionals are most popular before selling a home?

Professionals before selling

General Contractors 19% General Contractors 32% Handymen 42% Electricians 21% Handymen 46%
Electricians 17% Roofing 14% Electricians 15% HVAC 17% General Contractors 16%
HVAC 15% Electricians 13% HVAC 12% Plumbers 17% Architects & Designers 4%
Handymen 14% HVAC 12% General Contractors 10% General Contractors 14% Plumbers 3%
Plumbers 13% Handymen 10% Plumbers 5% Handymen 10% HVAC 3%

Percentage results reflect the likelihood of sellers to hire a particular professional type above the national average

  • General Contractors show up across the country as homeowners are likely taking care of projects to spruce up the home before they put it on the market.
  • Areas that cause obvious concerns during a home inspection such as Electrical, Plumbing. HVAC, and Roofing have a high propensity of activity.
  • Porch was surprised so see that more homeowners do not hire Painters before they sell as interior and exterior paint is an affordable way to improve curb appeal before listing. On average, Painting provides close to a 100 percent project ROI - making it a great project to complete before you list a home.

In addition to looking at the Top 5 most popular Professional Types, we also took a look at the project Return on Investment (ROI) and Average Project Cost (APC) for those that were in the #1 slot.

Professionals before Selling

General Contractors 19% 68% $53,280
General Contractors 32% 75% $118,793
Handymen 42% 92% $213
Electricians 21% 55% $5,000
Handymen 46% 95% $207

Which home improvement projects are most popular after buying a home?

Projects after buying

Interior Painting 33% $2,677 Sewer Repair 13% $5,128 Plumbing Updates 17% $1,567 Water Heater Replace 11% $483 Sewer Repair 11% $1,919
Exterior Painting 8% $3,481 New Garage 10% $9,394 Irrigation 10% $4,723 Kitchen Remodel 10% $10,062 Electrical Updates 8% $1,120
Home Inspections 4% $920 HVAC Repair/Replace 8% $1,434 Water Heater Install 3% $1,829 HVAC Repair/Replace 9% $5,867 Roof Repair/Replace 8% $2,648
Appliance Installation 3% $238 Interior Painting 7% $3,556 Roof Repair 3% $1,285 New Windows 6% $965 HVAC Repair/Replace 7% $7,253
Roof Repair/Replace 2% $5,608 Security Installation 2% $1,264 HVAC Repair/Replace 2% $7,983 Bathroom Remodel 4% $5,480 New Windows 4% $1,192

Percentage results reflect the likelihood of homeowners to complete a specific project above the national average

  • New homeowners immediately tackle Painting projects (both interior and exterior) – on average a lower cost project that brings a sense of personalization to a new home along with improved curb appeal.
  • Across the board Appliance Installation is high as new homeowners seek assistance for moving in and installing purchases like new dishwashers, refrigerators, washers, and dryers.
  • Roof Repair shows up as many homeowners likely negotiate any issues found during the inspection into a lower purchase price; making the act of Roof Repair an immediate need once they move in.

In addition to looking at the Top 5 most popular Projects, we also took a look at the project Return on Investment (ROI) and Average Project Cost (APC) for those that were in the #1 slot.

Projects after buying

Interior Painting 33% 152% $2,677
Sewer Repair 13% 83% $5,128
Plumbing Updates 17% 119% $1,567
Water Heater Replace 11% 62% $483
Sewer Repair 11% 87% $1,919

The most searched for professionals on (over the last 30 days)

30 Day Search

Painters Plumbers Painters Painters Painters
Plumbers Roofers Plumbers Plumbers Plumbers
Handymen Painters Handymen Handymen Handymen
Roofers Handymen Handymen Landscapers Roofers
Landscapers Electricians Electricians Electricians Electricians
  • Painting is the # 1 priority for many homeowners. In particular, we found painting searches in the South to be 26 percent higher than the national average. In the parts of the country where the weather is warm and dry we expect there to be year round trends to support exterior painting.
  • The Porch Search results revealed Landscaping searches in the Midwest to be 25 percent higher than the national average (signaling that the region is looking ahead to the start of spring).
  • While not in the top 5 (but in the top 10), the Porch Search results revealed Tree Contractor searches in the Northeast that were 37 percent higher than the national average – surely a result of brutal winter conditions and related impact on trees.

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