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For every headline-grabbing start-up success, there are many other companies that learn the hard way -- it takes more than a great idea to build a business. The CEO of Seattle-based Porch will be the first to tell you it also takes a lot of hard work. Read more
Your home is like a great partner: it supports you, shelters you, and makes sure you’re always comfortable. And just like any relationship, your home needs love to stay healthy. Attention and care is what makes a house a home. So open up a box of chocolates, pour a glass of wine, and get inspired by these easy ways to love your home this Valentine’s Day. Read more
You probably rely on your smartphone to do a lot of things, but home improvement? While your phone can't replace a full set of tools, only a fool would wield a crowbar much less a power saw before designing, measuring, calculating quantities of materials, ordering supplies, or finding qualified professionals to handle the job. Smartphone apps for home improvement help primarily with the planning and designing phase, making them handy first installations for any home remodeling project. Read more
Did you include home improvement in your New Year’s resolutions this year? Our homes require a lot of regular maintenance and repair, and you may feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of house projects on your to-do list. Don’t worry: there are plenty of projects you can do for your home, inside and out, that is within your budget. Read more
Consumerism is continuously on the rise, creating the perfect playground for all business-minded individuals looking to make a claim in the multibillion-dollar ecommerce industry. More than that, 2016 is the consolidation of the mobile era, which suits ecommerce companies very well. It is predicted that in the next two years 50 percent of all consumers will be making transactions using their mobile devices. To prepare for this, many ecommerce startups are building their business models on mobile apps with top-notch user experience designs. Read more

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I bought one of those beautiful, fluffy white shag rugs you see in every shelter magazine but it’s looking dingy and dirty. Can I hire a carpet cleaner or should I just rent a steam cleaner? Read more
If you love creating unique scents for your home, and love changing up your home scents, you know that it’s really easy to spend money on candles, oils and faux fragrances. Here are some easy ways to add a lovely aroma to your home without spending too much money. In fact, some of these make great hostess gifts or holiday gifts. Read more
Whether you live in a farmhouse or modern home, decorating for fall means adding cozy blankets, festive wreaths and garlands, and plenty of pumpkins. For those of you who find the fall season frantic and busy with kids heading back to school and the holidays fast approaching, decorating your home may be the last thing on your list. Read more


Alaska Airlines, Cintas, CVS Health, Hilton Worldwide, HMSHost, JCPenney, JPMorgan Chase, Lyft, Macy’s, Microsoft,, Potbelly Sandwich Shop, Starbucks, Taco Bell, Target, Walgreens and Walmart Come Together With the Goal to Create the Nation’s Largest Employer-Led Coalition to Hire or Train 100,000 Opportunity Youth. First Opportunity Fair & Forum Coming to Chicago on Aug. 13, Hosted by Common Read more

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