Ellis Design Group, LLC

Ellis Design Group, LLC

Interior Designer, Architect, Decorator
(541) 556-7620

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PO Box 40277
Eugene, OR 97404


Neighborhood favorite Neighborhood favorite
Projects Used by 1 neighbor
Project photos 24 projects with photos
Years in business 8 years in business
Home value Typical home value
Typical project cost $443k

Business Info

PO Box 40277
Eugene, OR 97404

About Ellis Design Group, LLC

Carol Ellis, Interior Designer in Eugene, Oregon, understands that you have a busy life - and putting together a design scheme can be overwhelming. You are uncertain about where to start, what colors ... See more


Art hanging
Bathroom Design
Bedroom Remodeling
Cabinet Design
Color Consulting
Custom Deck Design
Custom Furniture Building
Custom Home Design
Entertainment Room Design
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$363 - $545k
$545k - $726k
$726k - $908k
$908k - $1.1m

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