Water Feature and Firepit

Water Feature Installation & Repair Sammamish, WA






Completed for:
$851k house in Sammamish, WA
Home size: 3,450 sq ft

Project description

Outside Firepit, Water Feature, Lighting and Natural stone

Project photos

Project Q&A with the homeowner and pro


Alderwood Landscape

Alderwood Landscape The fire feature itself is custom so we had to work closely with the homeowner to have an amphitheater backdrop for the rock. Setting everything in place perfectly for the optimal viewing point was difficult. Retaining the naturalistic feel. We incorporated some existing stumps.



Alderwood Landscape

Alderwood Landscape We did a custom fire pit with columnar rock and salt rock. Very interactive design with a high emphasis on fire, water, light.


Alderwood Landscape

Alderwood Landscape Very wooded lot with a lot of cedar trees. We wanted to create a very naturalistic water feature. We developed a really cool backdrop so that when you're sitting out there, it really maximizes the view.


Alderwood Landscape

Alderwood Landscape I like the fact that we did a little bit of extra lighting in the water feature. It glows and is very attractive. Overall it's very effective. The fire pit is also very unique. Our goal is to use the natural elements that are found in the Pacific Northwest using different types of rock formations. Using the elements that are found local brings a very natural vibe to the whole lot.