Watermill Walnut - Signature Grade

Flooring Refinishing Telluride, CO

Project description

Watermill Walnut flooring finished with a clear matte finish.
Cost Amount = Estimated Cost per SF

Project photos

Project Q&A with the homeowner and pro

What did you or the homeowner splurge on?

Shanon Sterrett

Shanon Sterrett Absolutely everything. That's why this home is special and different. For a lot of people that's an expensive budget. There are so many details that it's ridiculous. German windows kaltern windows, triple-paned, the whole window and door package was a big upgrade.

How big is the space?

Shanon Sterrett

Shanon Sterrett 9400 sq. ft. six bedrooms, eight bathrooms

What was your biggest challenge and/or biggest takeaway working on this project?

Shanon Sterrett

Shanon Sterrett The site itself. Acre and a half. Was carved out of the forest and there's probably a 70ft grade change. The house is stepped into the side of the hill. There's a lot of engineering that had to happen. Site preparation

What are some of the key materials you used?

Shanon Sterrett

Shanon Sterrett Mountain contemporary home with all reclaimed antique timbers, Douglass fir, antique barn wood, exterior stone and steel, flagstone, lots of rusted metal steel. All walnut cabinetry in addition to the walnut flooring,

What was the homeowner???s main goal or motivation for doing this project?

Shanon Sterrett

Shanon Sterrett Brand new build that I built for my home. I was either going to sell it or keep it. I own the property, found the architect and worked together to design and furnish the home.