Snoqualmie Backyard Retreat

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Alderwood Landscape

Alderwood Landscape The wood structure. We had to create that patio area and outfit it with LED lighting. The outdoor covered space overall was a splurge. It really brings everything together and gives it multifunctionality.


Alderwood Landscape

Alderwood Landscape Understanding the difference between the landscape architect and a landscaper. Finding


Alderwood Landscape

Alderwood Landscape Working through some of the grading issues was a struggle. We also had to work around budget considerations to meet their goals.


Alderwood Landscape

Alderwood Landscape Black colonial slate for the natural stone. We also used salt rock, bench rock.

Alderwood Landscape

Alderwood Landscape We removed the existing concrete patio, we did some grading because their yard has a step up. We created a rock upcroppings to formulate and work through that grade transition. They had a hot tub that we needed to reincorporate, and create a lower patio area.


Alderwood Landscape

Alderwood Landscape It kind of started out. Their backyard was very unusable and blocked off by a wall. They wanted to make it more functional for their three daughters. They wanted lawn space and coverage. They wanted a sunning area and a covered patio with a grill station and fire pit. I worked with them over time to develop a design scheme.