K Remodel

Remodeling Bountiful, UT

Project description

A complete renovation of both home and site. Unique spaces were created inside and out. The home is open, warm, and inviting. The yard is comfortable and fun, and makes great use of a backyard with a steep slope.

Project photos

Project Q&A with the homeowner and pro

What did you or the homeowner splurge on?

Cheryl Meltzer

Cheryl Meltzer The clients splurged on their finish materials and appliances.

How big is the space?

Cheryl Meltzer

Cheryl Meltzer 6,360 sq. ft.?including garage

What was your biggest challenge and/or biggest takeaway working on this project?

Cheryl Meltzer

Cheryl Meltzer The retaining walls. It was challenging figuring out what to do with them, what materials to use and then getting the city to approve these tall walls. It took a lot of engineering.

How long did this project take?

Cheryl Meltzer

Cheryl Meltzer Project Duration: 1 year Design: 6 months Construction: 6 months

What are some of the key materials you used?

Cheryl Meltzer

Cheryl Meltzer We used true cedar individual shingle siding, which is a challenge to upkeep but has a great look. We used a slate roof and a lot of real stone. We tried to use natural materials instead of manmade.

What renovations did you do?

Cheryl Meltzer

Cheryl Meltzer Because we needed space for the pool and pool house, we ended up completely tearing down the original house and moving it forward to make room in the back. We added some square footage and some extra bedrooms upstairs.

Who was the contractor?

Cheryl Meltzer

Cheryl Meltzer DAYT Construction, Inc. based out of Centerville, UT.

What was the homeowner???s main goal or motivation for doing this project?

Cheryl Meltzer

Cheryl Meltzer These clients had a production home on the site from the 1960?s. They loved the site and the view, but wanted a fancier house. They also wanted a pool and a pool house.?