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Fullerton, CA
Landscape Architect & Designer

Though this family enjoyed the outdoor spaces it had received when they purchased this home in the hills of Fullerton, they were now seeking a new, updated look to their property and also wanted to gain more areas to have their children play safely. Since their next door neighbors had highly recommended us, they were also happy that our firm could offer them more than design services as they did not want to deal directly with all of the different contractors and trades that would be needed for their landscape renovation project. Being retained for project administrative services along with design services also allowed our firm to be able to work carefully within a generous, yet tight budget for this extensive renovation. Today this family is secure in knowing that their now gated and private front yard allows for family play time on the extended front lawn, the putting green and the expanded new auto court where basketball is the favorite pastime. The new impressive street front entry has replaced walking up the driveway to get to the front door and the landscape lighting now makes it much safer to visit this family at night. The back yard pool area has been completely updated and a new stepped up patio with a firepit, masonry sofa, and grill counter has replaced the small confined patio of before. A new retaining wall has created a beautiful new side garden where there was once only a crowded walkway where no one wanted to go. Now this is where the ball is thrown to play catch with the new family dog.