Architecture Winter Park, FL




Completed for:
$2.1m house in Winter Park, FL
Home size: 5,370 sq ft

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Project Q&A with the homeowner and pro

6,000 sq. ft.


There were a few challenges. We had to work around some existing trees on the property that couldn?t be removed. Another challenge was that the city of Winter Park has some limiting building requirements. Also, the property is a fairly shallow lot and the clients wanted enough room to have a nice yard. I kept the architecture simple, long, and linear, especially towards the street side. I included a big, awesome porch that effectively extends the house to the yard. I also put a lot of windows along the backside of the house. This created a less formal setting in the back and a more formal setting in the front.


Project Duration: 14-15 months Design: 3 months Building Permits: 3-4 weeks Construction: 12 months

The homeowners knew they definitely wanted brick so we used that on the exterior as well as cedar shake and copper. The windows are wood clad.


The homeowners wanted a traditional home on the outside and a cleaned up interior styling. I would describe it as a freshly starched shirt. They also have children, so it needed to be a family house.

The kitchen is awesome. It was featured in Architectures Digest. It?s one of those kitchens that will still look beautiful 20 years from now. It has this timeless feel to it.