Ballard Bath

Architecture Seattle, WA

Project description

A really special project on a really special house. Pains taken to create a spa-like environment while staying true to the 1902 architecture.

Project photos

Project Q&A with the homeowner and pro

We interviewed a few different companies and decided to go with Jackson Remodeling. We liked the fact that they would do the design and the build out. They seemed honest and were just super professional; they were always on time. They did a great job.


Go onto and make a file of things that appeal to you. It helps the designers wrap their heads around the project.


The floor was not level which was challenging to deal with. It took a lot of creativity and structural work to fix. Creating a square space was step one before we could start building. Then, there?s all the mechanical work that?s associated with that. We had to put in a lot of new electrical and plumbing.


Project Duration: 3 months Design: 3 months Construction: 3 months

We splurged on the vanity mirrors. They?re deep, have electrical outlets inside and a mirror defogger. I love that I can put all my things in there and shut the door.

The homeowners like the look and feel of a claw foot tub, but didn?t want to deal with the maintenance. So, they decided to get a pedestal tub. It?s a 600-pound tub, so we had to build scaffolding to get it onto the deck and through the door. They also used Canyon Creek cabinets, white porcelain tile, and heavy framed glass on the shower.


The original bathroom was horrifying, it was just awful. You would put something on the floor and it would just roll to the side. It felt like a big cave. We wanted two sinks and a separate shower. We were looking for a nice place to get ready in the morning with good lighting and a nice window. But, we wanted to stay within the style of the home.


The homeowners had a lot of floor space in their kitchen but all the fixtures were crammed onto one side. They have small children and wanted something that had a spa feel that would work for the adults and the kids. They also wanted to make better use of the space.


It was not nearly as painful as I thought it would be. Sometimes it was hard for my husband and I to agree on the look and materials we wanted, but Leif was super great and helped council us.

It?s more the feel I love. It?s just a really inviting place to be. The house was built in 1998, and the downstairs and exterior have some really cool period details. I take pride in the fact that we created all these neat features that fit with this old farmhouse and its architecture.

The shower is my favorite. It?s big, has a bench seat and a pretty big shower head. And I like the fixtures a lot.