19th Street Studio Remodel

Remodeling San Francisco, CA

Project description

Studio remodel.

Project photos

Project Q&A with the homeowner and pro


Invest in your relationship with the design professionals, and look at this as an opportunity to learn ? an opportunity you?ll probably only get to do once in your life. Make it special and take any chance to laugh.


People are looking for a sense of grounded-ness and meaning in their design that is unique to themselves. As a designer, we look for opportunities to create and establish a narrative in the way we use the space or in the materials we use.


Project Duration: 1 year Design: 2 months Building Permits: 1 month Construction: 9 months


The homeowner wanted to convert a second floor office into a livable space with lots of light and characteristics that were inherent to the original building structure. We tried to incorporate some of the raw materials into the renovated space ? such as some of the original wood and beams.


I designed and created a custom chandelier using mason jars for the living room.