Time for Tea

Today was another windy day and the kids weren’t very interested in playing outside. When I asked Aubrey what she wanted to do she cheerfully responded “Let’s have a party” (oh, a girl after my own heart!)

We pulled out the dress up suitcase, put on our favorite fancy clothes, set the table and found some yummy snacks.The kids had a blast and it was such a treat to just sit and enjoy their cute little personalities.Aubrey was the perfect hostess constantly refilling drinks (which the twins kept spilling because they wanted to scoop it out with their forks…oh those silly monkeys.)Parker, as usual was the entertainment making the girls laugh by stealing their food and dancing with his crazy “hat” (which Aubrey insisted he wear since he wasn’t wearing a dress.)And sweet little Piper wanted to make sure her baby got to participate and kept trying to get up and share with her.They were having so much fun I even let them eat their lunch at their tea party and before I knew it almost 2 hours had past. I often have to remind myself to put down the laundry, dishes or whatever else it is I am trying to “get done” and just enjoy the moment…and this time I am so glad I did!

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  1. VERY sweet post, friend! I love that you love to play with your kiddos!! You're an inspiration.

  2. Im glad you put down the dishes, too! Love your kids and of course my fave red head ever!

  3. Their outfits crack me up, lol!

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