May 15, 2014

Our Master Bedroom: Above the Bed Decor

I know we just finished our kitchen remodel, but DIY never rests!  We were looking to make over another space, but not spend nearly as much time/money.  Our master bedroom was the perfect spot – it’s been neglected since we moved in last year, and it was time to make it a more welcoming space!

After brainstorming for a few weeks, I decided to make a statement above our bed using inexpensive pine, painters tape, and paint.  It was so simple – you can easily do this in your home as well!!


Want to see what our bedroom used to look like?

Spring 2013 040


Ah OK OK, so we ripped out the crazy carpet & refinished the existing subfloor before we moved in.  But then it was just sad and looked like this for the last year:

spring 2014 009


Whomp whomp whomp.  Nothing too horrible, just totally boring.  See how the wall behind the bed really needed something??

Christinas Adventures Bedroom After



OK- I promise it was so easy.  Here’s how we did it:

First, figure out how much space you want between your two wood beams.  Mark this off with a chalk line.  Then, mark every foot on each of the chalk lines and connect your marks with painters tape on a diagonal:


Now it’s time to paint – I used two coats & it worked out well!  Thrifty tip: just use a paint sample from the hardware store – it’s more than enough for a small project like this and it will only cost about $2-3!


Now it’s time to prep your wood.  Measure out your space, and have your local hardware store cut down your wood for you.  See – simple!!  Then paint your wood before you put it up on the wall – we chose to paint it the same color as our walls, but you could choose to stain it or paint it a different color.

Once you’ve prepped your wood, you’re going to want to attach it to the wall.  Since our walls are plaster, we have a hard time nailing things into the wall.  We used wood glue to attach it to the wall:

Wood Glue


We wanted to clamp our project, but it’s kind of impossible to do so on a wall like this.  We used some concrete nails as a kind of a “clamp” for this project – just one on each end & one in the middle can help hold it in place:


Finally, I filled in some spaces with wood filler, painted over them (& touched up a few bleeds in the painters tape area).  I then caulked the ends of the wood to fill it in where it met the walls on either end.  When in doubt – caulk.  That stuff is amazing!

I was planning on leaving it like that, but realized it needed something in the middle.  I picked up this cute ampersand from WalMart for less than $2, and gave it a coat of spray paint.  I added a thrift store frame, and called it a day!


I am kind of in love with it.



PS – love my bedding?  I’m giving away $200 to here!!

Christina's Adventures Bedroom with a big window


The whole project cost under $50 – which is a huge win in my book!  What a big impact for such a small amount of money. 


What do you have above your bed?  Is your bedroom the last place in the house to get decorated too?

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  1. wow, makes such a statement, i love it!

  2. Wow!!!!
    I am in love with the wall over your bed…
    I am so wishing I didnt have a window behind my bed!!!!
    Great job!! Definitely pinning this!

    • Thanks so much!! I’ll be posting a round up of all different ‘above the bed ideas’ soon- I’m making sure I include rooms with windows above the bed for people with your situation too!!

  3. What a great idea! I’ve never seen anything like this! Not too complicated of a process but what a statement it makes in the room!

  4. Beautiful job, Christina! I love the colors and design!

  5. I like your idea, it looks elegant and beautiful. Thank you for sharing this kind of DIY project.

  6. This is amazing! I have been wanting to do something on one wall in my study. I was thinking a wood palette wall. Maybe I can incorporate this into it somehow. I LOVE this look! I just stumbled across your blog and am so happy I did. You are one talented lady 🙂

  7. looking at the picture thought this was going to be impossible but your instructions are so easy to follow I think I’ll give this a try wish me luck :p


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