April 28, 2014

No Excuses Date Time–free pizza night invitation printable

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Our life is a little crazy right now.  My husband is working full-time, getting his ThM (basically a half PhD) and picked up some extra hours of work as well.  I am working at home with our needy baby & dog baby – we have a 100 year old house that has a laundry list of repairs at any given time…you get the picture. 

I also know that I’m not alone in the craziness.  I bet that you’re also pretty crazy busy right now.  I’m slowly realizing that this is life

When we were first married, I’d come home from working a 50-60ish hour week at my teaching job, and be exhausted.  We would veg out in front of a movie and eat pizza.  It was glorious.  If we were feeling particularly energetic, we’d go out for dinner.  I know, we lived such a wild life.

Gone are those newlywed days and the date nights/afternoons/mornings we took for granted.  Sometimes, I feel like we’re barely connecting during the week, and then we try to cram in so many activities during the weekend- we’re exhausted by the time the next week is starting!

I have been feeling really convicted about this lately.  I am going to challenge myself – and YOU- to stop making excuses about date time with your spouse. 



Lately, those have been our big excuses.  Enough was enough – I decided to invite my husband to a frozen pizza date night.  It might not sound like much, but he told me he was so excited to see this peeking out of his work bag in the morning:

Pizza Night Invitation


Adding this little invitation lets him know that it was planned – and I think that meant a lot to him.  Of course you can just pick up a pizza and surprise your husband, but this just makes it a little sweeter

Pizza Night Invitations #NoExcusesDateTime


Once you figure out when you’re going to plan your date night, you’ll need to get the pizza!  If you’re on a budget (like me) you’ll be glad to know that there’s a coupon for Tony’s Pizza (find it at WalMart- we almost ate it in the store!).  I told you I was getting into couponing- so having one just made the night even sweeter.

tony's pizzeria


I usually prepare meals on weeknights – it was SO NICE to be able to stick these in the oven and not have to worry about a lot of prep time or cleanup.  Exactly what I needed on a Friday evening! 


I’ll be honest – I wanted to have a really cute set-up ready for my husband when he got home- and I wanted to take all of these cute pictures for you guys – but the day got away from me (as it usually does with a newly mobile baby) and my husband came home to find me (unshowered) in sweats, and a messy house.  The last thing I felt like doing was having a “date night”.  BUT remember those pesky convictions?  Yeah. 

So I put on some mascara, heated up the oven, and lit a candle to disguise the poopy diaper smell from the diaper pail.  We sat in front of the TV and ate pizza in front of a movie.  We were surrounded by boxes for our yard sale the next morning – and  I didn’t even care.  Thankfully you guys didn’t seem to mind when I shared it on Instagram:



We needed that.  Just to sit, recharge a little together, and just stop running for a little bit. 


So I’m challenging myself – and YOU – to take some time and designate is as “no excuses date time”.  Use the hashtag on social media – I’d love to see how you’re getting creative with knocking out those excuses!!

I’ve made your date night in even simpler – here’s a free printable for you to stick somewhere that your husband will find.  I can guarantee he’ll appreciate that you were thinking about him!

Pizza Printable


And seriously – take advantage of a coupon (available while supplies last) and make your date time simpler with Tony’s Pizza!  Thank me later Winking smile


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  1. I love this printable! Our first baby is due in just under 3 weeks and I know we will be having a lot more and more of these types of date nights in our near future. And that’s okay!

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