March 21, 2013

Interchangeable Chalkboard frame {up-cycle with stencils}

I *love* a good up-cycle, and one of my most favorite things to rescue are ugly thrift store frames.  Using stencils (like the ones I used from Handmade Charlotte stencils) is another one of my most favorite ways to craft!  You wouldn’t have guessed that just a few days ago this cute chalkboard frame:

Spring 2013 026

looked like this:

Spring 2013 002

It just needed some love!  I followed the typical DIY process:


and I used Folk Art’s awesome chalkboard paint for my frame.  I taped because I wanted to add some visual interest on the inside of the big frame and leave it transparent.  I’m so glad I did this, because I  love how it turned out!

Now comes the fun part- I got to use these adorable stencils from Plaid and Handmade Charlotte.

Spring 2013 004

I got the “frames” package, and I knew I wanted to do smaller frames within this bigger frame.  I laid out the stencils & figured out what the best arrangement would be with the size of my frame.  I loved the “scrolly” frames the best, so I used more of those.

I punched out the stencils and filled them in with white paint:

Spring 2013 011

I edited some of our favorite pictures so they were black & white to fit the theme of the frame.  I also knew I wanted to use an ultrasound picture, and that’s black & white too Smile  I cut the pictures out to fit the frames, and attached them with double-sided tape (so they’re totally temporary & can be easily switched out!)

Spring 2013 023

I wanted the pictures to be easily switched, and I thought it would be fun to add some chalk marker to the board to add some whimsical captions to the photos:

Spring 2013 024

Now we have a totally interchangeable frame – you KNOW the baby will be filling up those picture frames this fall!! Smile   In the meantime, our “fur baby” will continue to photobomb my photo sessions:

Spring 2013 020

I didn’t hang up our frame because we’re now in a total stage of transition because we’re going to be moving shortly!  But I can’t wait to find a space for this in our new home!


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  1. Love it! And I can’t wait to see it filled with baby pics!

  2. Oh, gosh, that’s seriously cute!!

  3. Love it, but am a bit confused…did you actually paint on the glass, or on a board? I love this idea and want to make one, so I am just checking. I too, love the transparent sides, and am wondering if you actually did paint on the glass,are the pictures taped on the front of the glass? Thanks!

  4. What a cute project! I love the fact that you can change out the pictures as time goes on. Stopping by from Inspire Me Please Blog Hop 🙂

  5. Awesome idea! Love that it’s interchangeable.

  6. That is so super cute! What a fun idea for those ugly prints… I have a couple sitting around here that seriously need an update!

  7. Awesome idea!! I love how it’s interchangeable!

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