February 18, 2013

Our CRUISE- Part 1 {Norwegian Cruise Line}

In November, I was blessed to have awesome guest bloggers help me out while I was on vacation.  The hubby and I went on our first “real” vacation ever – we went on a Carribean cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line!  I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to post these pictures – but better late than never!

We left from New York City (which is the BEST way to leave in my opinion!)  We didn’t have to pay for a flight to our port, and since we took a bus into the city we didn’t have to worry about paying for parking either.  Definitely the thriftiest way to cruise!

We actually left about 10 days after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast – so the port we left from still didn’t have any power!  Norwegian Cruise Line was awesome about it – they did everything they could to make everyone comfortable (in the freezing temps!) and get us on the ship as soon as they could:

Cruise 2012 153

Cruise 2012 150

We finally made it on the ship – and felt like kids in a candy shop!!  Of course we headed right for the food once we got on board!

Cruise 2012 157

While we were waiting to leave – it started SNOWING!  So exciting!  It was so much fun to see the first snow of the season while knowing we were going to be in Caribbean weather in a few days!

Cruise 2012 165

We got inside and warmed up in the Spinnaker Lounge (how funky are these loungers??).  There were floor to ceiling windows around the whole room (which was on the top floor) and this became one of our favorite rooms on the ship.

Cruise 2012 164

Leaving from New York City is so beautiful, so I was a little disappointed that it was SO incredibly foggy and snowy, that we couldn’t see anything.  I only got one shot as we left from the snowy city:

Cruise 2012 171

I’ll be completely honest here: I got pretty sick my first night.  The snow was actually part of a Nor’Easter storm – and the waters were pretty rough.  We went to dinner at the Magenta Dining Room, but I could barely eat anything because I was so nauseous.  I ended up taking Dramamine and going to sleep at 8:00!!  Yikes!

Sea Day #1:

The next morning, we woke up feeling refreshed and excited for vacation.  The weather was still pretty chilly, and there were some amazing clouds from the storm.

Cruise 2012 187

We settled ourselves in lounge chairs with some good books, and sat by the very empty pool area.  We even saw a full rainbow!

Cruise 2012 175

Cruise 2012 177

That night was the first formal night, and we were invited to a VIP event with the captain of the ship!  I completely enjoyed the free cocktails in the exclusive lounge.

Cruise 2012 198

I loved getting dressed up every night!  Norwegian Cruise Line is all about “Freestyle Cruising”, which means there are no mandatory dress codes or meal times.  We loved the flexibility of being able to eat whenever and wherever we wanted to.  I also loved that we could dress up every night, but didn’t have to!

Cruise 2012 211

Sea Day #2:

We woke up to a beautiful day – temperature was in the 70s and the clouds were beginning to part.  This was my *favorite* – eating breakfast at the very back of the boat every morning – watching the wake of the ship.  There’s just something so freeing about having NO plans for the day, and being able to sip my coffee as long as I wanted to!

Cruise 2012 216

We claimed a seat on one of the top decks and spent the day reading and sunning (with SPF of course!):

Cruise 2012 218

Cruise 2012 220

Cruise 2012 223

Cruise 2012 233

We spent our nights in the Spinnaker Lounge – Bahama Mamas were my favorite drinks Smile

Cruise 2012 234

One of my favorite parts of cruising is being out on the top decks at nighttime.  It’s just so incredible to feel the warm wind and not be able to see *anything*!

Cruise 2012 240

Port #1: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Our first port!

Cruise 2012 246

We didn’t book an excursion, and decided to just walk the beautiful streets of Old San Juan.  Just check out those beautiful buildings!

Cruise 2012 260

Cruise 2012 263

Cruise 2012 258

We got an awesome view of our ship from the streets:

Cruise 2012 265

We were really tired after walking around the town, so we just sat & relaxed in the ship’s lobby for a while and people-watched.  (Does anyone else love this activity as much as I do??) Winking smile  How fun is the décor in this lobby??

Cruise 2012 271

Cruise 2012 024

Saying goodbye to our first port…excited for 3 more!

Cruise 2012 279


Part 3 coming shortly!

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  1. Jealous!! I see warmth. Pretty buildings. Did I say warmth?

  2. Aren’t cruises exciting?!? My husband just got back from our first one a month ago (our first real vacation too). It was amazing and I can’t wait to go on another! San Juan was my favorite port. People were SO friendly and didn’t try to haggle with you. Can’t wait to read about your other stops!

  3. Fun fun fun!! That looks so amazing! My parents went on a cruise to the Bahamas a few months ago – I’m so jealous. I’m hoping I can secretly plan one for the hubby this summer.

  4. Marnie Byod says:

    Whoah, I was in love with that floral ship. You guys are so awesome.
    Your trip was cool.

  5. Looks like the perfect vacation to me

  6. Whoooo! This looks like so much fun! You look GREAT in that LBD! 🙂


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