January 4, 2013

Winter Wreath: Pine Cones and Coffee Filters

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It’s always a little depressing for me to take down Christmas decorations.  But I do admit to liking the clean slate that January brings, and I love minimally decorating for the winter season.  This year I made a winter wreath out of pine cones and coffee filters:


First – my new favorite way to make a wreath base!  I just cut an imperfect circle out of cardboard (I wrapped this one with coffee filter strips just to prevent brown cardboard from peeking through)

Winter2013 012

I added gobs of glue to the bottom of pinecones (bought from Michaels) and glued them to the inside of my wreath form:

Winter2013 013

I then flattened coffee filters and folded them in half three times – just like I did with my coffee filter wreath.  I hot glued all of the coffee filters with the seams facing inwards until I went all the way around the circle.

Winter2013 018

But it was still “gappy”.  It actually reminded me of bottom teeth with too much space between them.  Weird, I know…but see what I mean??

Winter2013 019

I went through a second time and filled in all of the gaps with a second layer of coffee filters, this time the seams were faced out.  This whole wreath takes a while – I used some Gossip Girl to help pass the time Smile  Judge away…

Winter2013 021

It was finally all filled in – and ready to be displayed!

Winter2013 008

Winter2013 005

I was going to add an embellishment, but I decided to leave it simplistic in the name of January’s simplifying feel.

Have you ever decorated with coffee filters?  They’re one of my favorite ways to decorate with maximum impact on a minimal budget!

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  1. I bet tha did take some time, but it looks so cute! Good job!

  2. Beautiful wreath! I love the coffee filters with the pinecones! They fit together beautifully and have a great wintery look! Great job!

  3. I love it! It’s so homey looking. We just switched to a coffee maker that doesn’t require filters. This may be just the thing to use up all the leftover filters. Beautiful job and great idea!

  4. What a beautiful wreath! I love it just the way it is. Visiting from TT&J:)


  5. Chelsea @ Making Home Base says:

    Beautiful, Christina! Simple yet elegant. So lovely.

  6. Christina that is really beautiful! Love it!

  7. That is a gorgeous wreath! Thank you for posting it. I am your newest fan from Show Mw What Ya Got.

  8. I’ve made it half way through a coffee filter wreath and haven’t made my way back to finishing it. I really like the pine cones with the white filters.

  9. Love the white with the natural browns. Can’t go wrong with a neutral wreath. 🙂

    Would enjoy having you stop by at toddlindsey.com

  10. I have seen lots of coffee filter wreaths and yours is so great! It’s the addition of those pine cones! I actually feel inspired to make one….and I have never made one before which is saying something, I’ve been a crafter for a lot of years 😉 I would also love to have you link up at my place now until Friday. Hope to see you there!

  11. love this! such a great idea. i have so many coffee filters that i don’t use anymore. thanks for sharing!

  12. Very pretty, I love the addition of the pine cones. I made a coffee filter wreath, pretty plain compared to yours. 7
    Saw you sharing at Serenity Now – Weekend Bloggy Party
    Debbie 🙂

  13. Your wreath is simply beautiful! So white and fresh and lovely. And one time I needed to take apart and clean my desk fan – so I used Desperate Housewives to pass away the time. We all have our guilty pleasures 🙂

  14. Just when I think I’ve seen it all. Can’t believe those are coffee filters! How gorgeous.

  15. This is a stunning wreath Christina! I love the mix of the pine cones and the white. Gorgeous! Pinned 🙂

  16. So pretty! And I love that you used things that many people could find already in (and outside) their own house!! Thanks for sharing! I’m totally pinning it!

  17. Cute idea and maybe it some of those cinnamon scented pine cones (if you can find some smaller ones) would give it an even more Christmas feel! Or spray with any Christmas scent like gingerbread, pine, etc.!

  18. so pretty… possibilities are endless. Why not start with a basic heart shape and embellish with dried roses and hearts for Valentines Day?

  19. Beth Usrey says:

    I love this but I wonder if there would be a way to protect it from the weather if you wanted to hang it on your door?

  20. Hi, love the idea, but about how many coffee filters did you end up using?


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