January 21, 2013

random thoughts on a Monday…

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!  Do any of you have off from work?  Or have kids who are home today?  I hope if you do, you’ll take a few minutes to reflect on how far our country has come since MLK Jr. helped to lead the great equality movement in our country.  Yes, we have come so far, but we still have a long way to go.

Be prepared for a few random thoughts (lets blame it on the hormones, shall we?)

Exciting news – I was featured on Good Housekeeping’s website today! Woo hoo! I’m super excited and absolutely honored to be included in these winter projects!


My friend Destiny has some beautiful *free* MLK Jr. quote printables on her website – you should totally check them out!!

Martin Luther King Jr Promo Poster




As we start getting ready for the baby, money is always one of the top concerns on our list.  My friend Megan just wrote a great post on how to “find money” when you’re raising a family on one income.  There’s some great tips in this post!

Living On One Income: 13 Ways to Find Money


I seriously love making new recipes.  I pin most of them, and then I move them to the board called “I DID these pins” with a mini-review.  You should totally come follow it!!

Just in case you’re trying to figure out what to cook this week, here’s some of my recent favorite recipes I’ve made:

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Healthy Greek pasta salad


Pinned Image


Pinned Image


Drooling yet?? Smile

OK I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!  Thanks for putting up with the randomness Winking smile

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  1. tried the spaghetti squash boat last night…loved it!

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