August 6, 2012

Make Me Over: A Gentle and Quiet Spirit


I need to apologize to all of you.

I posted the “kick-off” to the Make Me Over series last week, and I did it all wrong.  It was about some awesome make-up products that I had a lot of fun using.  I had a post all lined up and ready to go for today about clean eating.  BUT I’ve felt very convicted the past two days.

I started this all wrong.

I could use all of the most amazing make-up products in the world…eat the best diet…exercise until my body looked like an Olympian’s…but I could still be so ugly.

You see, it all starts INSIDE way before we can get to the OUTSIDE.

I am hesitant to write this post because I hate sounding “cliché”.  I am trying to figure out how to word this without making it sound like a silly post with silly sayings that don’t make an impact.  But I’m scrapping my attempts at perfect writing and just writing from my heart.

This verse has always been one of my all-time favorites, and it has recently really spoken to me again:

1 Peter

A gentle and quiet spirit.

What does that mean?!  To me, that means:

  • Holding my tongue when I “know” someone is wrong
  • Not fighting for the “last word”
  • Putting other people’s needs before my own
  • Serving the people I really don’t care to serve
  • Pausing – and thinking before I speak
  • Praying about the things that make me the most angry, instead of acting on them

There’s so much more to a gentle and quiet spirit, but those are my main struggles.  Do I follow all of those every day?  HECK NO.  Do I forget about having a gentle & quiet spirit most days?  YES.

But do I see God’s favor when I consistently work on having a gentle & quiet spirit?  ABSOLUTELY.

The most beautiful people I know live this out beautifully in their lives every single day.  No amount of make-up, exercise, or diet could ever make them more beautiful, because they have a beautiful, gentle, and quiet spirit.

I am so far away from that it’s not even funny, but God has been bringing this verse back into my life for a few reasons, and I know that He will bring me the strength to attempt to make some changes in my life.

Thank you for letting me share a piece of my heart with you.  We will move on with “Make Me Over” posts next Monday, but I didn’t feel like I could dive into that until you knew what I was going through as I try to make my heart more beautiful – which needs to be the most meaningful and important part of my life.

Have you ever heard of that verse before?  What does that mean for your life?  Does anyone else struggle with these same things?

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  1. Very eloquently written!

  2. Oh have I ever heard that verse before! And I am so with you on what it means. Very well said. The way a lot of people wanted to tell me to look at it was this – you shouldn’t wear make-up or jewelry or try to look really nice. SO not what it’s saying! Thanks for this post today it was very inspiring!

  3. Yes, yes, yes. Love everything about this. Thank you for being so honest and real 🙂

  4. NEEDED your post today. Needed it. How God’s word is fresh and new even when you know it.

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